Your Inner Compass, Curiosity, and a Shaft of Light

Hola Beautiful! 

I’ve been playing with direction and change and letting go… exploring with the heart of a seeker. Allowing myself to discover and rediscover myself in the center of someplace new and in every place I go.

Originally, my husband and I decided to take a trip north to Michigan and once our plans were ready to be set, we did a 180 degree turn. Following an inner nudge and looking at the weather forecast for the week we planned, we cleared the decks and started anew. Now we were heading south. There is a beauty in this going with the flow and allowing myself to be led, trusting that the universe has something in store for me. It doesn’t always matter where I’m going but in how I go…

Finding My Treasure…

I am an adventurer. The journey, for me, begins within. A change of scenery is exciting. Sights and sounds that are not routine awaken my senses. There is gold to be found, not by digging in the earth but in this daily treasure hunting. Setting my course for the day with my inner compass, so that no matter where I go, I see it.

Going IN before going OUT. Quiet meditation and reflection, getting in touch so I can tune in… One of the most magical things I take with me wherever I go is my Curiosity. That gentle beckoning to see beyond the surface of anyone or anything. Turning on my feelers and trusting my navigational knowing, my willingness to let time stand still and sweep me off my feet. This is my genuine and sincere love affair with connection.

I am a lover of all things, so when we went on a little trip to Nashville Tennessee, I didn’t have my heart set on anything….except that I would remain open and above all, curious.

“These days you might feel a shaft of light

make its way across your face.

And when you do you’ll know how it was meant to be.

See the signs and know their meaning.

It’s true, you’ll know how it was meant to be.

Hear the signs and know they’re speaking to you.”

~10000 Maniacs~

They’re Speaking to You…

From the moment we arrived, I began to see them, these signs that accompany me wherever I venture. A number on a license plate, an address, a logo…an image of a bluebird flying over a rainbow that I admired at the start of my trip and, last but not least of all, the rainbow that appeared over the entire city as we were leaving. So beautiful and perfect…I almost didn’t take a picture.

One thing I adored about my adventure to the Music City was meeting singers and songwriters, watching them passionately share their hearts. As a storyteller, I appreciate the deep soul searches, the transformations, the self-discoveries, and the connections. I savor the richness of the soil beneath these feet planted in the earth, growing their lives, nurtured by love and loss, giving and receiving, blooming in the warming sunlight of a new day, their unique life journeys unfolding into stories. These threads woven into song are translated by musical vibration and beam into our collective lives in a language that touches us deeply and meaningfully even if only for a moment. Music can change us, because it has a way or speaking to us through vibration, inviting us to see possibility, and allowing us to  be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

In these explorations, I see how each person who encounters this place or any place, can either see the beauty, the love, and the magic…or not. It is not about going to a place as much as it is about being willing to travel within.

Time Stands Still…

As we were headed out of town, my husband took a few unexpected turns that led us to an old church property. There embedded in the lawn was a stone labyrinth which I, of course, was thrilled to see. I have a deep-soul connection to walking labyrinths, and this is always a gift to me from my Sweet Love. A gift because he knows how dearly I cherish these quiet moments and also because he takes the time to find the extrordinary places and spaces in the world to share with me. Before I begin walking, I set an intention, ask a question, and simply feel gratitude for where I am right now.

At the Heart of Journey…

Traveling to the center is symbolic of going to the inner rooms of my heart. Once inside, I have collected insights, inspirations, and treasures that I bring with me as I travel out and into the world. The beautiful things that life has to offer are mined from the heart, trinkets that mean so much to each of us, things no one else can embrace in this same way. Uncovering what is already there is like brushing off the debris and blowing away the dust that has accumulated on things that have been untouched for so long. Whooooosh!

~Make it MAGICAL~

Begin to unearth those quiet untouched areas of your inner world. Stir them awake. Ironically, they are the also the fertile ground, rich in nutrients, where dreams seeds are planted. A little soul searching and some tender nurturing go a long way. Spend some time writing in a journal about anything, nothing specific, or everything, random musings, swirling thoughts, inspired moments, whatever comes to you. In these fragments you will find pieces of you…past and present and even future you. Allow them to flow and then…above all, be Curious. 

“These are days you’ll remember.

Never before and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm as this.

And as you feel it, you’ll know it’s true that you are blessed and lucky.

It’s true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you.”

~10000 Maniacs~

You can begin by asking yourself these MAGICAL questions, and then listen… “Hear the signs and know they’re speaking to you.”

*What is the Highest Vision for my life?

*What do I need to release in order to move toward that vision?

with Love and Curious Wonderment,




Before we left on our trip, my daughter and I read three books together from a series about an American Girl who dreamed of being a Country singing star.  I love these moments of laying side-by-side, reading, giggling, and creating memories for the soul. This is one of the songs the young girl wrote in the story, and this video was recorded in the quaint venue we visited, the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee.  Watch it here!


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