Waking Beauty

Dearest Dreamer,

Well over thirty years ago, I met a boy who touched my heart and left an indelible mark on my soul. Somehow, once we met, he became a part of me. As young people, we could not yet understand that our paths would merge for that moment in preparation for the bigger moments ahead. So, when we parted at 17 years of age, we began living life as expected…college, work, marriage, and, for one of us, children.

My Magical Story Picture of Rosa and Gregg

I didn’t see him for over twenty years, so on that night when I tucked in my two boys and fell asleep, I had no idea that the next day I would awaken to discover that he was in my dream, he was my dream, and that in the following days, he would join me in experiencing a life of dreams come true.

In those twenty-one years, though we did not see each other or spend time together, our paths were interwoven and, many times, we crossed paths without actually seeing each other in the physical, although I am sure I felt him brushing by me when the breeze gently touched my face and the sun kissed me tenderly. In fact, I can see now how our longing quite possibly pulled us to moments and places with such synchronicity, leading us both to different cities and states until, on the night of my dream, we were both three hours away from our hometown but only minutes from one another, unexplainably but deeply open to receive this most amazing gift.

My Dream Come True

The night Gregg came streaming into my life like a shooting star, my whole world brightened. I discovered that those whispers speaking to my heart all those years were guiding me, and everything I experienced had, in fact, led me. I now saw the Beauty in it all. Once awakened, I began to live my life with this one passionate understanding…There is such great purpose and beauty in everything!

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must take it with us or we find it not.” 

~ralph waldo emerson~

We recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of this dream and our MAGICAL reunion. Our beautiful story is still unfolding…

in dreams and in love,

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As a certified classroom teacher for over twenty years and a Creative Dream Companion, Rosa Maria Szynski inspires self-exploration, honors self-discovery and awareness, and invites creative self-expression. She believes in the power of the heart and the beauty of Heart2Heart connection as a way to Harmonize, Elevate, Appreciate, Radiate, and Transform your experiences while creating a Happily Ever After that is Real and True to your own unique journey.  

Happily Ever After

~Celebrate Your Life & Love~


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