The Magic of Gratitude

Dear Grateful Hearts,

I love how the magic of life unfolds, not because I say I want to write about something but, because when the magic happens, I write about it. 

I made a call to the waste management company to see if I could get a new container because the wheel came off our current one during a pick up recently. I also inquired if there was a bigger container they could replace it with for this family of five. The woman on the other end told me there is no bigger container and that I could get an additional one for an added fee and that, in either case, it would be delivered in a week or so. Instead of paying for the additional container and waiting and, instead of trying to convince the woman that I have seen larger containers, I let it go.

“Action has magic, power, and grace in it.”


A little while later, I heard the garbage collector outside. I went out and shared the story. He smiled and said he was making deliveries at the end of the day and would bring one to me IF there was an extra. I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated him for doing this job each day. It was a lovely exchange. I just felt good to feel such gratitude. I went back inside and noticed that I didn’t hear him leave. Instead, I looked outside to find him replacing my current broken container with a brand new one that was much, much bigger! I went back outside, and he told me he just decided to replace it right now. He thanked me for my patience with his company. He had no idea how truly quickly it all transpired. One small act of extending appreciation… 


~Make it MAGICAL~ 

What can you let go of and then truly be grateful for today? Choose one thing and then really, really feel it. Express gratitude. Then, let go and let the MAGIC begin.

with lots of love and endless magical moments,

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