The Kind of Rain That Nourishes My Soul

Dear Rain Dancer,

Life has been very full on new levels lately. Recently, after my father experienced illness, we began working on a plan, going in a certain direction one day and changing the next. Then, one day, my husband experienced a collision and, thankfully, he was fine…but our car, not so much. Soon after that, my dishwasher stopped working. Someone said to me, “When it rains, it pours.” And that made me smile out loud! Certainly, it is all in how I look at it.

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First of all, I happen to love the rain and, I will go out to walk in the rain so I can feel it. It is just as lovely to me as the sunshine…

When it rains, it pours

Planning for my father has been a lesson in patience, and more than that, I have felt his deep appreciation for my time. He has told me how much my positive expressions have touched his life.

When we had only one car, I had the opportunity to drive my husband to work, giving me an extra hour of alone time with him each day on top of all the dates we made to test-drive cars, which became part of the adventure and, believe it or not, an opportunity to experience more intimacy.

And oh, the dishwasher…yes, more time has been spent standing in front of the kitchen sink, but I haven’t been alone. Something has been cultivated in my family over time, something that did not require me to ask for help or demand it. Some days, as I stood there washing, one loving soul, my husband or sons, would appear and stand beside me to dry…even if it was midnight. One-on-one, face-to-face. On other days, after dinner was over, one of my sons would clear the table and thank me for preparing our food which was wonderful and then, I noticed as he would fill the sink and wash…Still on other occasions, I would leave with a pile of dishes on the counter only to come home and find that they were washed, dried, and put away.

This rain has nourished my soul

~Make it MAGICAL~

I realized that I was not in any rush to get a new car or a dishwasher, and I did not wish my father’s illness away but embraced the opportunity to love him to wellness. On days when I begin to think that I have less time or no time, I suddenly remember that this IS time. I have been given a great gift of time with the ones I love, a living and breathing meditation, a practice in discovering peace with life. Drop by drop, this rain has nourished my soul. Is there a rain that is preparing you, nourishing your soul? Ahhhhh…let it refresh you with love and appreciation.

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in deep, soul-nourishing love,

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