The Beauty of a N.A.P.

Dear Waking Beauty,

There’s something immensely powerful about taking a nap. Sleep is good. When you go to sleep each night, you know that you are planning to take respite for your body. You’ve been taught to go to sleep every night since you were born, and a pattern was developed so you could have a routine in order to replenish your energy for another day of work, another day of doing.

While we have been trained to sleep for our body’s rejuvenation, our mind releases and our spirit soars. I have always enjoyed my sleep time, and I especially love waking up to realize I had a dream, but there is something magical about taking naps that I have discovered more recently in my life. First of all, naps don’t have to be planned, although there is great benefit to that as well. Because they are shorter, naps can happen just about anywhere at anytime. What is most amazing about naps is how they offer such a powerful reset in a matter of moments, giving you more energy. Even more significant to me is that I realized how a N.A.P has become one of my best tools to offer me a New Awareness and Perspective. Yes. In just five minutes, I find that I awake with more clarity, more creativity, and the ability to make a more conscious decision about something I was challenged with beforehand. For example, it was after my nap that I instantly decided to write this post. I have come to appreciate naps as both a luxury and a necessity, as well as a tool of transformation and, finally, a gift.

Rosa in Bloom

I have become so open to taking naps that my family knows how valuable they have become for me and for us. I often invite them to take naps themselves, not just when they are tired, but when I sense they might need a reset. Letting them know how much I value this rest time in my day and in my life has translated into some of my most loving experiences with them.

One day, when I was especially in need of a little rejuvenation, I told my children that I was going to lay down for a few minutes. Not too long after, as I was slowly drifting but still aware, I felt the arms of my youngest child, my daughter, drape over me and her head gently rested on my chest for just a brief moment before she left. Then, a little later, I felt the most tender kiss on my forehead and, as I recognized the sweetness of it, I knew that my middle child had just visited. It wasn’t long before I realized that someone was covering me with my soft blanket up to my chin. Simply by feeling his presence, I knew that is was my oldest son. How sweet it felt to be enveloped in such love and how wonderful it was to be honored during my N.A.P. time. If I took a nap for no other reason, then it was so worth being bathed in such love. In just that one experience, I realized that my N.A.P.s were not only benefiting me, they were invoking a New Awareness and Perspective in my children.

~Make it MAGICAL~

Honestly, I don’t always take naps when I feel like it, but I am becoming more intentional. Have you taken a nap lately? Rather than taking a nap, try gifting yourself with a N.A.P. You just might be surprised by what or who shows up! 

believing in the beauty of your dreams both day and night,

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