Sending Love from My MAGICAL Path

Dear Messenger of Love,

Everyone was home from school and work, and I didn’t have dinner prepared. Something was calling to me, letting me know it was time to go for that walk I hadn’t taken during the day. I felt the nudge to go now, so I did. I told them I needed my walk, and they know when I say I need it, I’ll been more aligned when I return. Dinner would wait.


I walked across my backyard and over the stepping stones that lead to my magical walking space. I began to walk the winding path nearest my home, but then, instead of staying on this path, I followed the flow that led me to the other side of the park, the other half of the magical figure eight.  I wasn’t there for a moment before I looked ahead and, coming toward me was a familiar face, someone I know from my neighborhood, someone I have talked to at the neighborhood pool, someone I could tell was sensitive, tender, and quiet, but with whom I have not spent much time at all. She was walking her dog and, the closer she came, the more I felt it.  I said hello and then, it happened. She could barely squeak out the hello in return and began to cry, tears flowing freely. Without saying a word, I hugged her. 

To my surprise, she began to share her story. She received news of a personal nature. A dream she held in her heart didn’t come to fruition as she had hoped. Standing there, I could see that this was not a setback. I could feel that she was only being prepared and getting in more alignment for her dream to be realized. I wanted to tell her so, but I didn’t. I knew in that moment she simply needed to be witnessed. After all, she opened her heart to me. She needed to be seen and heard and loved right now, right here on my magical path and, it was apparent I did, too. When I returned  home, I had a glorious story to share. 

The next day, I felt another nudge. I wrote her a note. I thanked her for being on my path. Then I tucked a gift inside. On my way back home from picking up my daughter from school, I thoughtfully put the note in her mailbox. I imagined it arriving in perfect time. I envisioned the smile on her face, and I felt the love she would receive from my heartfelt expression. 

“The call to write is just the beginning. The healing, joy, and ignition of pure grace is a gift back to you…”

Rosa Maria Szynski


~Make it MAGICAL~

I am not sure how my neighbor received my note. The only thing I can be sure of is that I followed my heart. From not getting my walk earlier in the day to feeling the nudge to walk while my whole family was arriving home, to deciding to go out on my walk in that precise moment, I realize that hours earlier or even a minute later, I might not have seen my neighbor. I also realize that had it been another person on her path, she may not have been able to express herself in the same way. Upon reflection, may you realize your presence as a gift. May you see that you have arrived here exactly in perfect time.

sending Love from my MAGICAL path,

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