Say Yes to Defining Moments

Dearest Dreamers,

While I was out on a run today, I realized two things.  I started out running with the wind at my back, assisting me on my journey. I was almost floating down hills, which gave me this wonderful and seemingly endless momentum. I felt my feet tap the ground beneath me with every beat of the rapturous music, and I was flowing beautifully. On the way back, however, after some exertion, my legs a little wobbly, and now going up the hills, wind in my face, I wasn’t flowing as much. The change in direction had created some resistance, not just in the physical landscape or in my physical body, but within me.  I wondered if I could do this with the same grace and ease I started out with.

Then, all of a sudden, I decided…this direction would get me home to the place I would be refreshed.  I also decided to acknowledge the present moment on the journey, the ache in my lower leg, the hot sun, and, of course, the wind. I felt grateful for the wind now as it cooled me. I was in the moment. I said out loud to myself a few times, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”  I saw myself, outside of me as this very graceful and elegant mover, and I felt it in my whole being. One present moment awareness led to another. I was less aware of time and more in tune to my breath. Before I knew it, I was further along, and now the run began to feel more smooth. In no time, I was home. As I was in the home-stretch, this wonderful quote popped in my awareness.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate, is strength undefeatable.

Helen Keller

It reminded me of how my life is changing. Wait! My life isn’t changing. I am changing, and my life is responding to those internal shifts, those new awarenesses, those moments when I release resistance and allow myself to breathe, be more present. I now remembered that exactly one year ago, I sat with my son as we did an intention-setting activity. I was clear about how I wanted to look and feel. After being a stay-at-home mom for years and a recent caregiver to my father as well as going through the grieving process for both of my parents, doing it in as healthy a way as possible, I still didn’t feel as vibrant and healthy as I knew I wanted to be. My intention was to feel ‘Strong, Lean, Sexy, and Alive.’ Once I spent some time making that very clear statement, I set it free into the arms of the loving Universe! You can see how I created a Dream Seed for my Beautiful Intention here.

Within a few months, opportunities for change showed up. My beautiful and always-intentional husband, my own personal Creative Dream Companion, found that his place of employment offered a special health incentive, so we joined a gym, something I had not seen myself doing over the years, wanting to believe I could do it all from home on my own. As soon as I got in the doors of the gym, I was immediately attracted to Zumba, which was new for me.  Each time I go to a class, I come alive in new ways. This kind of dancing awakened something almost tribal in me. It opened a magical doorway to connection with other beautiful souls who, like me, are on this journey, wanting to feel more alive and well! I also started doing Yoga there, which I have loved for years. However, now, instead of doing my 3o minutes at home, I am doing hour long classes with adventurous seekers, souls of all ages. I felt a balance emerge between my love of dance and bodily experession and my need to move more deliberately, more internally. I embraced this new YinYang love affair with open arms.

Then in January, at the start of the New Year, I easily and intentionally chose one word as my focus… Movement! I went to an intense Zumba training course. I began to run again. My son invited me to join him occasionally, and we now have a date every other day to strengthen our core, 20 mintues of seeming exercise time, like-minded, whole-hearted, aligned and, most of all, fulfilling. I’m getting to know him and even more, I’m appreciating him more than ever! I swim with my daughter several times a week during her vacation days, splashing, laughing, loving. She is grace is action when she enters the water realm, becoming one with the flow. She is most herself in these moments of playfulness inviting me to be more myself! 

I also declared that we would go on one hike per week this summer to discover some new place we hadn’t been, to enjoy nature and simply get outdoors…together we discover new trails. It is in the getting lost in the warmth of the sun and the lush green life that we find ourselves over and over again. These precious days. These present moments. Time well-spent. Life well-lived. Love freely shared…and memories…free flowing, organic, soul-elevating memories. Oh, and those gentle reminders to keep the balance between movement and rest, to find the value of living with intention and then allowing time and space to flow freely through us. Getting lost in the day like I did when I was young, leaving home in the morning, returning at the end of the day, the adventure spent out of us, yet full and satisfied. 

Then, a wonderful and dear friend of mine and I were talking one day…she is both a mentor and muse to me…when she whispered a wonderful perspective on eating. One simple thought. A new idea. I was ready for that information to sink into the depths of my cells, the place where all change originates. All of a sudden and in a blink of an eye, I got it. The thoughts that I once believed were dissolved…and in flowed a new and curious, exciting and so incredibly simple knowing, delivering more freedom.

~Make it MAGICAL~

I am seeing the changes. Most of all, I can feel them! I feel so free. It’s all come full circle, back to my intention set one year ago. “I am Strong, Lean, Sexy, and Alive!” One very clear intention set in motion a year of change. How do you keep your face toward change and behave like a Free Spirit? That wonderful quote has come back to me many times… Life is a Daring Adventure! I love so much how experiences on the journey invite me to give new and more gentle but power-filled meaning to words that have been used and thought of in a certain way forever, it seems.  I am new, and so are my words, the vibe they carry, the energy they radiate…

~My new definition for DARE~ 

Decide~Set an intention. Focus on one truly burning desire. Let it dance in your heart. Revel in the joy of this new focus and honor it. Write it down on paper, create a Dream Seed, or keep it as a journal entry. Create a signpost for your future self. 

Allow~Tuck your  written intention away in a sacred place. Then, open your heart deep and wide to let that wild intention run free into the vast expanse of the all loving universe.

Receive~Notice the knocks on the door, the people who appear on the path, the calls in the day and the dreams of the night, opportunities that show up, recognize them. Let them become familiar guides and begin to let them move you in new directions…toward change

Embody~Live, love, breathe, whisper, and delight in ways you envision yourself and in ways that support that vision. Be the change. Feel what it feels like to be that and then, be that! 

And with that new definition, I now DARE to Decide, Allow, Receive, and Embody more richly, more deeply, with gentle strength, more lovingly and most of all…with more grace and ease than ever before! 

with Beauty, Love, Magic, and a Free Spirit,



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