21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 2: Quiet Spaces, Reflections, and Snuggles

My Dear Beautiful You,

Today’s Gratitude is all about the quiet space I have on my own back porch. It is sometimes the most serene place I know. I feel happy when I go there. Sure, there are lots of memories if I begin to flip through the pages of my mind. My little ones played here many times over the years, and we have eaten so many meals together at this easy, breezy bountiful table. Today, though, I am just feeling what it means just for today. Sitting here, I can feel the crisp whisper of fall. I see the reflection of golden dreams in the glass top, and I love it! There is even a little pig that peeks over the table, a bejeweled gift from my daughter. It tickles me. Falling leaves adorn the lawn and the trees are swaying back and forth to the rhythm of life.

I feel alive. And for that I am grateful!

I’m also so grateful for the little snuggle I had with my daughter today. A few minutes to close our eyes, breathe, and watch her beginning to drift into peace-filled slumber.

I am grateful for heavenly peace. 

in deep fall, self-nourishing gratitude,




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