My Holiday Elf-Care Guide

Dear Winter Wonders,

It’s that time again! The holidays come upon us like a whirl, spinning us off in many directions at once. Our lists unfurl and we are off! Yes, it seems almost inevitable to get swept up in the holiday hurry, however, you and I both know that it is all about our choices. Most importantly, during this time or any time of the year, it is vital to add one more thing to your list, preferably to the top. Please add this one if you haven’t already.

Practice Self-Care

So yesterday, I decided to go to the gym. We were having a painter here today, and I just knew I would not make it to workout on Monday. I don’t ever go on Sundays as this is time I have dedicated to my family, but I went. I had the best time dancing in my Zumba class! It was intoxicating and, afterwards, I didn’t know if it was the class, the instructor, or if it was merely that I had made a choice to support myself in a different way than I had done before, but I felt soooo gooood!  When I came home, my sweet husband was doing the laundry, and my daughter had been cleaning. It felt good to walk in and have some of those things drifting off my list. 

As I began to assess what else I needed to do, my daughter came to me and told me to get ready. She said she was preparing a bubble bath for me. Instantly, my mind went to all the things I had to do, and I began to tell her that I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. She told me she had it all planned, so before I could refuse her offer, I simply decided to say ‘yes’.

When I got upstairs, she had candlelight and a warm bath waiting. She brought me a fruit plate and a blended drink complete with a straw. She asked me if I wanted a massage and then used a wonderful smelling lotion that she created herself to rub my back and feet. I was so relaxed. It was exactly what my body needed, and it was something I realized I had written on my list but hadn’t gotten to yet.

This bath was a sweet luxury built into my day. The most amazing part of this is that my daughter is 9 years old! As I reflected on the gift my sweet Grace had offered, I felt sure that she knew some things I didn’t know when I was her age. She has watched me make choices that enliven me. She has seen me choose joyful experiences. She has felt me receiving the gift of self, saying yes to renewal and rejuvenation. I also learned that, though I left on Sunday to do something for me, I ultimately had a most special time of bonding with my daughter, and a very deep and connective day with my family. One of the things I dearly love to do is write. I open my arms to embrace the beauty of how one experience shared in words can transform how we look at things. Thank you for being the receiver. 

~Make it MAGICAL~

You may have wondered why I left off the “S” in Elf-Care. the “S” represents the Surprises you will discover when you make yourself a priority, knowing that when you fill yourself with sweetness, you will radiate and even attract more sweetness. Self care is not an act of selfishness but instead it is a gift of Self, opening us up to both give and receive on a higher level. And besides, it was a Christmas Elf who delivered a wonderful Present moment to me as well as the inspiration to share this message with you. 

Holiday Self-Care Guide

♥ offer yourself a quiet time to meditate and reflect

♥ make time to move every day

♥ let others give to you, be a receiver

♥ cherish the present moment

♥ take a bubble bath, a nap, or do something that relaxes you

♥ energize yourself with foods that fill you with more energy

When you put self-care at the top of your list, you magically shift from To-Do to Ta-Da! 

with love and Magical Elf-Care,

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