Money, Alignment, & Synergy

Dear Radiant Soul,

Ever since I bought a beautiful purple massage table for my husband’s birthday a couple years ago, I have enjoyed giving massages of all kinds, including hot stone massage. Last week I was really feeling like I needed a massage myself. My body said, “No more doing anything until you give your body some love.” It was then that I decided I was going to make an appointment and go right away. In an instant, I felt myself wondering about money. Should I be spending money on a massage? I recognized that voice as quickly as it came. It was the voice of reason, the voice of practicality. It is the one that allows me to do everything for everyone else but has challenged me over the years to do things for myself. I have learned to acknowledge that voice but not to carry out its wishes. During this last decade of my life, however, I have discovered a new voice, one that was there all along but, since she wasn’t listened to quite as often, she grew quiet.

These days, I honor her and, in doing so, she has blossomed. I decided to let that inner voice be heard this time above the others, the one that said, “Take care of you, and you will be taken care of.” Needless to say, I made the appointment and went swiftly to get my massage and consequently, a MAGICAL message as well. Ahhhh…As I lay on the warm table, I listened to the gentle music playing in the background, and the sound of the small waterfall in the distance invited me to relax. My body melted into the rhythm of the masseuse’s routine and soon, I even felt myself drifting off to sleep. Afterwards, I felt days of movement, energy, and thinking float away. My body, mind, and spirit were in more alignment. Money was the furthest thing from my mind.

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As I went through my day, I had the biggest smile on my face. Feeling rejuvenated, I flowed with my day, and each person I met flowed with me. It felt as if everything I was radiating was coming back to me. By the time I got home, I went to get my mail and sat on my back porch to open it. In the pile was a piece of mail that glowed, so I opened it first. What I found inside did not surprise me, but I was in awe. Inside the envelope was a check for exactly the same amount of money I just spent on the massage…exactly!


the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


Releasing my concern about Money and getting into Alignment with my body created an amazing Synergy… I imagine these two forces swirling around in harmony, a powerful vortex of creation. It is so fitting that my confirmation would arrive as a special delivery in my own mail.

~Make it MAGICAL~

We all have areas of our lives where an old voice shows up to make us question our next steps. Today, as you make decisions, notice if there is a choice you are about to make but can feel that old program speaking to you. When it does, let it know you are tuning in to the beauty, love, and magic that life has in store for you. Choose the MAGICAL path and enjoy the journey.

in beauty, love, and magic,

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