‘Mamaste’~How I Discovered My True Wealth

I wrote this post a year ago as I finally felt like I was getting in tune and more aligned with my soul’s compass, that amazing inner calling I followed to breathe deeper, more in sync with my Creative Dream Companions. Once I clarified my true wealth and embraced the richness already available to me, creating a vision for life became a MAGICAL flow, one that I only needed to allow rather than direct. It came to me while I did Yoga with the lovely Lucy one day as she bowed her head with hands in prayer position. Then she said something like, “Namaste…The light in me honors the light in you.” Yes, I thought. I honor others as I honor myself. Recognize the light. Be the light. Be the lighthouse!

It reminded me that, when I finally appreciated my journey, I shared it on a facebook group page for a workbook I was doing with thousands of other women who were working toward creating their own Shining Life and Business. The facilitator and owner of the buiness was making seven figures. I wondered how she could give so much of herself, be so devoted to create such a business. In the past I may not have posted what I did knowing everyone there was on a path to creating financial wealth, but at this particular time, I felt at ease posting my realization.

“Beautifully written, Rosa… thank you!

Happy dance honoring you, as you honor yourself.”

~ XO, Julie 

Customer Happiness Officer/Leonie Dawson


I was both surprised and honored when it came to my attention recently that the owner of this amazing 7-figure business let it all go in order to be more of a stay-at-home mom, to home-school her children, to be beside them on the journey in a new way. I felt that in some small way, or maybe more than I could possibly know, honoring my own journey with such confidence and clarity, living in the light, may have reached beyond the words I carefully tapped out on the group page. Perhaps when I honor the light in me, I also invite others to honor their own true weatlh and vibrant amazing light.

/mama stay/
  1. a respectful acknowledgement that being an enLIGHTened mom has a wonderfully positive affect on the world.

Thank you, my fellow Dreamers for being on this amazing light-filled journey with me. Lots of love and endless deLIGHT!  Here is my original post…



Dear Mother of Dreams,

I have heard over and over that if you aren’t making money, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. Those words would make me wince. I was creating a business!!!! For years, I was bound to be a stay-at-home mom with a purpose. I searched for the perfect way to share my gifts to make money. So, I began living as someone who was sharing her gifts. Soon, I wrote a book that I loved creating, even designing the cover, and got an endorsement from Cheryl Richardson. I met Dr. Wayne Dyer on Maui at his home and handed him a copy of my book, and today I am so glad I did that before he passed. I took classes and learned how to build my own website…all the while, feeling something was missing.

Well, I finally got it. I realized last night, as I sat with planner in hand, reflecting and looking back over the money that was flowing into my life, the beautiful people I was meeting, the ones I’ve released, the ideas that have come to mind, I AM DOING WHAT I LOVE! That is it! Each day, I begin as mother and wife to my wonderful family. I do the things I love. When I am in love with life, life loves me back. I am making money in amazing ways, even if it doesn’t all come from clients. I am writing and posting and sharing even if I don’t have a huge community.


Me with my daughter about eight years ago…

I realized that all I have ever really wanted was to have a family, to be a mother, and to love them and my life! That is my greatest dream come true. I want to live a Shining Life! So, what was missing? Why did I need to pursue a business? For me, it has not been about the business. It is the things that I feel when I do the things I would do for a business…I write from my heart. I create, design, and make a beautiful space for others to visit. I connect with others in a heart-centered way. I could do these things in many other ways, but for a long time I thought I had to be doing something more if I was ‘working from home’. And I just got it. I am doing it! I am working from home, homeschooling one of my three children, driving them to school, work, activities. Making meals. Cleaning and decorating…being an encourager. I am doing exactly what I love! The only thing that was missing was that I needed to give myself permission to say, right now, this is what I want to do, and It’s ENOUGH!

moth·er lode

principal and rich source of something, metaphorically refers to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.

Yes, I DO HAVE A HOBBY (and an amazing and supportive Hubby)! I write when I want to. I create when I want to. I travel when I want to. I play and interact when I want to…and it’s all more than okay! Once I said that to myself last night, I realized that I am a powerful creator and manifestor. I do all the same things in both my home and in my BUSINESS which is the business of family and motherhood. So much has flowed into my life just as I have wanted and needed it to do simply because I do what I love. I know that as I relax, the next natural unfolding will appear as an invitation. As I hold only one real vision of being happy and joyful, everything will take shape.


~Make it MAGICAL~

If you are a mother who works and plays at home, wonderful!!! And if you are mother who works outside of the home, wonderful!!! Being a mother is an exciting opportunity to experience relationship, to interact with life, and to be a Creative Dream Companion to your family. No matter what we do, it is so much more important how we feel about what we’re doing. Today, I want to encourage you to discover the simple joys…the beauty, love, and magic in your life. As you live it and love it, your children will learn to discover their own MAGICAL Life!~

Lots of Momma Love,

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I wrote this message for a large group in May and I am sharing here since it touched many Creative Dream Moms:

“Beautifully written, Rosa… thank you! Happy dance honoring you, as you honor yourself.” ~ XO, Julie | Customer Happiness Officer/Leonie Dawson

“YES; Rosa!! Exactly!! You are doing what you love and that is PERFECT for you; True abundance! Sometimes we need to remember that having time, having peace of mind, and space to do what you want is being just as successful as 6-figure-businesses! Thank you for reminding me!” ~Line N.

“This is so powerful!” ~Marissa N.

“I needed this. This is exactly where I am …. rehashing the need to make my passion into a business, allowing myself to be exactly where I am, effete I WANT to be and fully claiming that, without putting expectations on it to be MORE. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey!” -Star S.

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