Love Letters

A Life You Love begins with…

Love Letters heaven with Rosa and Gregg

Writing is such a healing art, and writing Love Letters from your heart begins to alter the way you see the world and the way the world responds to you…

“The call to write is just the beginning. The healing, joy, and ignition of pure grace is a gift back to you…”

Rosa Maria Szynski, Love Letters:

An inspirational Guide to Sending Messages of Love, Changing the Way We Communicate

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Is it time to invite more love into your life? 

Here’s what others are saying… 

“I decided to challenge myself with some creative writing based upon the acrostic poems in your book to honor my family. It was a small thing to do with such a big impact! They loved it!! It was such a gift from the heart. Thank you, Rosa. Thank you for your inspiration. You speak the truth. You are a gift to me, and I am so thankful for people like you in my life.”

~Kelly C.

“I just signed up for your book and inspiration – just wanted to acknowledge what a great concept this is. I love the idea that by writing love letters, I’m raising my love vibration. It’s something I probably stopped doing (writing love letters) 30 years ago – time to start again. Thank you. From Perth in Western Australia, across the miles to you. You matter!”

~Cheers, Deanne

The moment you intentionally choose to reach another human heart with your own words, you make that connection. A life you love begins with You…

“What a remarkable gift…you have made me more aware of my own words and how to be more intentional and thoughtful in all expressions.”

      ~Love, Courtney 

Love Letters is an invitation to experience more love, more beauty, and the life and love YOU imagine!

Highly Recommended!!!

“This book touched my heart and inspired me. It will be a perfect gift for a loved one or friend with whom you can share written messages from your heart. I loved it!”

~Reader Review on

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