The Art of Allowing

Dear Creative Soul,

Being a Mom, for me, is a lot like being an organized artist. My work as a mother depends on me being able to creatively approach my family’s daily needs. I believe I serve my family best when I make plans, create routines, and organize my space, but I also keep in mind that my space is not always theirs and vice versa, so I have learned to be aware of where our spaces overlap, and I exercise more grace here. In fact, after years of allowing my teenager to keep his room just as he wished, I soon realized that he was now doing deep cleans, and he went from having seven tubs of collectibles down to one. His clothes are hung neatly. He cleans his room once a week, and he sweeps as well as dusts. I realized that my daily living was more of a model for him, giving him something to choose rather than something that was mandated. All I have to do is look at my own office space. There are times when it is in complete disarray, my organized mess, and there are times when it is completely in order. I am comfortable in both depending on which project I am doing. How it looks to others isn’t on my mind. If I can see that for myself, then I can certainly extend that grace to my family.


My compassion has grown over the years, and it has been a guide where my children are concerned. Simply asking myself how I would like to be treated or appreciated is a great place for my heart to start. It has shifted me to appreciating their touch on my life in endless ways. 

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I’ve even added a gallery of  family art to my office!

The Art of Allowing



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Our children, like us, have an inner compass that directs them to feel good in their spaces as well. I have seen how giving them time and space will allow them to access that compass and activate a desire to do these things for themselves. I have learned to be more patient with respect to respect. Steady progress has a way of making long-lasting impressions. 

with compassion as my guide,

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