Laundry as a Pathway to Love

For a Mother’s Heart~

I love being here, not just in this physical time and space, but in this particular awareness of my life. My heart has literally expanded, and I can feel it. As a mother and wife, I have done the laundry for my family for years. I have made meals, made love, and attended school meetings. The list is endless. But this last decade of my life has brought new light to everything I do.

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When I do laundry, I carefully fold it and send love right along with it. Brushing my daughter’s hair is an act that teaches me to be as gentle as possible (if you have brushed a little girl’s long hair, you know what I mean), and presence is the key to the nose nuzzle I cherish in the end. When my boys hug me, I relax and linger there for as long as they are willing, and we hug longer and longer as we have all become more comfortable. Hugs from my teenage sons are remarkable not just because they hug me, but because I can feel what they are saying without words. I have recently learned that, no matter how full our schedule is, there is no room for ‘hurry’. This is a universe that will rise up to meet us when we take time to enjoy every moment. Amazingly, if I don’t rush them, we are on time and we’ve enjoyed the ride along the way. Appreciating my husband’s gestures of love in his own language has multiplied our love-life experiences.

~Make it MAGICAL~

With all of this, I have discovered that life is a practice, and love is not static. It is living and moving and breathing, and it is so easily transferable. When I give it, it comes back to me. Let laundry become a practice. Clothe them in love. 

enfolded in love,

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