Happily Ever AfterThe journey of the HEART is a step-by-step, moment-by-moment adventure in self-discovery.

Rosa and Gregg for Heart 2 Heart

The more time we share in celebration, the more we raise our Love vibration. We are elevated and ‘in love’ more often.  When we focus on the heart, where love lives, we embrace our whole life, day-after-day…

Happily Ever After is Real and True!

It is a state of being that happens when we celebrate our everyday experiences with H.E.A.R.T.



 What is a Callibration™?

An over-the-phone, voice-to-voice recalibration of your love vibration…

30 minute Love Vibration Elevation™~$33.00

Feeling Stuck? Ignite Your Heartlight and begin to feel yourself lighten, heighten, and brighten!  Leave the call with a new focus and an optimistic perspective on a particular area of your life.

60 minute Heart2Heart ReCallibration~$55.00

 Do you need confirmation that you’re on the right track? Want a map on the journey? Receive a Vibrational Attunement, that overall feeling of being in harmony. Also, receive personal Creative Dream assignments to begin taking next steps to your highest and best life. You will also receive a follow up email so you can revisit your session and the guidance you received.


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 What is Creative Dream Coaching™?

An in-person and heart-centered, hands-on experience that opens you up to new possibilities and guides you toward taking steps in amazing new directions with grace and ease …

60 minute Creative Dream Coaching 

Was $75.00

~Summer Sale~

NOW Only $55.00

I am deLighted you’re here! Let’s begin now to…

Harmonize~experience a beautiful balance, align with what is real & true

Elevate~release the old, discover new awareness, gain insight

Appreciate~retell the stories of your life, see the beauty of your whole life

Radiate~express your feelings, glow with peace, become more attractive

Transform~tune in, experience the present moment, expand in love



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“Rosa GLOWS! She acknowledges her true gifts. When she shares her MAGICAL stories they flow and glow with love. She sees and feels connection with everyone and every thing. Rosa is PASSIONATE! Our calls are filled with laughter, smiles, humor, tears, and ultimately with a peace and knowing that all is well…”

“Rosa is pure LOVE! She feels, thinks, and speaks from her Heart and Soul. We have a deep heart-to-heart connection which grows every time we speak. ~Marilyn LoRusso, Visionary and Artist  visionart-studio.com

Erica Gordon 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Thank you for being who you are, Rosa! You are a woman of integrity and I also know that you speak from your heart. I literally feel warm and fuzzy as I experience the love and gratitude that flows from you. It’s surely not a mistake that we crossed paths. You have inspired me to take an assessment of my business, and I have actually cut out some things, refocusing on the things I enjoy doing. I am calm, and I am listening to my inner voice for guidance, allowing things to unfold naturally. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love with me. Our connection is divinely appointed, and I’m grateful for you. I’m looking forward to one day when we can actually meet in person. That’s going to be amazing!!” ~Erica Gordon, Founder and CEO  momswithdreamsuniversity.com


“I felt at peace after my enlightening and calming session with Rosa! She’s so understanding of you. She’s patient and so thoughtful. It’s personal, and Rosa takes her time, never speeding over any answer or question. She takes everything you ask seriously, and nothing is ever a silly or selfish question. She helps you open your eyes with each answer and, while it may not seem clear in the beginning, it becomes so in the end. This was an eye-opening, serene, and beautiful session. Rosa is great! She knows what she’s doing, and she has really helped me through the current hurdle of my life.” ~Gabby S.



“Rosa is such a calming spirit. She brings peace to my heart. She truly understands and knows life, and she knows how to bring light to any situation. Her stories and insights amaze me. Rosa truly cares about all life and is so amazing for sharing her blessings with others. She continues to share her gifts to bring hope and faith to life. If you ever have the chance to have a personal one-on-one with Rosa, take the opportunity. These are experiences I will cherish forever in my heart.”  ~Nicole F. 




“Rosa’s insights answered so many underlying questions about my relationship that were keys to moving forward…

“This session was a gift to me from my mother. I was hoping to get some clarity and direction on my future career path and came with an open mind. I never had a session like this before, but I became more comfortable as Rosa progressed. She began with a prayer, and I was surprised when she had a sense to begin with my relationship even though we had not discussed this. This was a good place to start since clarity here would offer me more clarity around my future choices. I gained a lot of insights around my current relationship…about letting go, forgiving, and growing. This was definitely an unexpected highlight!”

“Rosa was very accurate! Everything was so aligned with my interests and the kinds of things I felt I wanted to do in my future, and it helped solidify that I am heading in the right direction. Rosa did an extended, month-to-month overview that gave me perspective and a lot of peace for the year ahead.”

“Though I came in with no real questions, Rosa’s insights answered so many underlying questions about my relationship that were keys to moving forward in my career.  I feel these messages are a gift from God, and I feel confident that I will bring light and love to the lives of children. Afterwards, Rosa sent me a follow-up to recap our time together to help me learn how I can see the overall picture. I would definitely recommend Rosa to my friends.”   ~Marisa