Beginning a Heart-Centered New Year

Dear Aware Adventurers,

The new year is flowing! I feel there is something MAGICAL about 2017 for both me and you. I see movement as an exciting force, and I invite you to explore what movement means for you.

As we begin the new year, we often set intentions or goals for some kind of self-improvement or change. We want to experience something different. I’m certain that those desires come out of a deeper longing and, sometimes, we think we are setting a goal for something to accomplish or attain when we are actually seeking a feeling. We might want a new house, a new car, a new body! Those are are great things to aspire to have. However, my question to you and myself is what will I feel when I have that new something? What is it I want to feel? Will having a new car make me feel accomplished? Abundant? How about that new body? Will I feel sexy and alive or fit and healthy or even more confident?

Sometimes we set goals that are dear to our hearts like deepening a relationship or learning to cook new meals to let our family know we really care. These goals emerge from our heart center because they are born out of our desire to feel more love, to experience more intimacy, and to create connections. Heart-centered desires are amazing and wonderful gifts to share. I have recently discovered something that adds new dimension to my heart’s longing, a way to give momentum to all these things I want to experience and feel. It is my Gravitational Pull. I’ll begin by telling you a fun story that gave me insight and created this marvelous awareness!

When you Activate Your Navigational Knowing, Your Gravitational Pull Gets You Going

It’s only fitting that my husband and children are responsible for guiding me toward this discovery since my family is deeply rooted in my heart center. No matter where I am in my home or even out in public, whenever I hear dance music, something with a phenomenal rhythm, I am moved to dance. It is something I can’t contain. It flows from me with such ease. I found out lately that my family has been choosing music on purpose and they begin playing it so that I can hear. They know without a doubt that I will emerge out of nowhere, and wherever I am, I not only begin moving, but I make my way closer and closer to the source of the rhythm with each step. Energized, I wait for the next song. I can’t describe it, but I am pulled toward the music, and it’s not just the music that energizes me, it is the way I feel when I move in that way. My family has come to count on the music pulling me out so much so that they sit expectantly with smiles on their faces. This was going on for years before I realized what they were doing. Nonetheless, I am so grateful for my dance breaks.

I tell you this story because it speaks to me about what really moves us. For me, it is the feeling I get wen I am dancing. I am alive and energized. I feel at home and completely lost in the moment. Free! I think this is ultimately what we are all seeking in life, to let go of  our inhibitions and be in the moment. So here’s why this discovery adds such depth to my goals and intentions… When I let myself be moved, pulled toward what enlivens me, I don’t hold on so tight to what my mind and even my heart want to do. I let things unfold with even more grace and ease. New ideas and perspectives come to me, and I feel more than satisfied about life. The more I feel satisfaction with what I have, the more I enjoy it! What a feeling it is to truly love and enjoy exactly what we have. This is the MAGICAL path! Gratitude is magnetic, and you can’t help but attract what you want when you are feeling good about what you have!

~Make it MAGICAL~

Get more clear about what is in your Heart Center for this new year and discover your Gravitational Pull. Journal writing is a wonderful way to get clarity and see where you have your focus. Expressing daily thoughts begins to uncover direction and creates a map of your deeper longings. Also, as you pay attention to where you are drawn with the most grace and ease, you discover your flow…beyond the path of least resistance, it is the MAGICAL path of inevitable attraction.

It’s not too late to synchronize your intentions with the beauty of this new year! I recently did a Creative Dream Coaching session with some wonderful young college students. We had a glorious time creating Dream Seeds power-packed with everything I shared here today. Take a peek into their experience here.

“I cannot explain in words how wise and caring Rosa is to all those around her.” ~Nicole

“Rosa is an eye-opener each time we connect, and I was in a state of calm and clarity afterwards.” ~Gabby

Create Your Own Glowing Dream Seed…Grow Your Dreams! 

in heart-centered devotion to flowing on the MAGICAL path,





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