H.O.P.E Springs Eternal

Dear Flowering Beauty,

It is spring here in the Northern Hemishpere. The trees are greening, the flowers are blooming, the sun is warming things up. The breeze is refreshing as it blows my windchimes, creating a beautiful melody, each time something new, different, yet familiar. This is a time for renewal. We know it all so well. We expect it! And we wait for it to come every year with anticipation. We trust that it will show up, and we count on change.

I thought about how open we are to this changing of the seasons and how we celebrate it’s arrival, not knowing exactly what will happen once we make this transition. Still, somehow we are enlivened, energized, and hopeful! Spring has this effect on us. It becomes an invitation to go outdoors, explore, and even set new intentions. We feel free, shedding the weight of the layers we carried with us for what seems like such a long winter’s journey.

What if we could harness some of this springtime elixer to keep with us through all seasons, remaining filled with hope. I don’t just mean through the literal seasons but in the metaphorical seasons of our lives. I used to think of hope as a simple wish that was just that, a wish not fortified with true alignment or clear intention. However, I now see it as something completely different, something gentle yet strong, vulnerable and, at the same time, very powerful.

Change is inevitable. When we resist it, we feel ‘stuckness’, that nagging heavy weight that begs us to make a decision, take a step, go in any direction. So, we have the option to go with the flow, take the next logical step even if it doesn’t make sense. That’s where H.O.P.E comes in…

Healthy Optimisitc Perspective on Everything

When we keep our minds and our hearts open to the inevitability of change, the natural order of things, we commit ourselves to having a Healthy Optimisitc Perspective on Everything!

H.O.P.E creates trust, and trust leads us to all things MAGICAL!

~Make it MAGICAL~

There is something MAGICAL about the seed we plant in the fertile soil. We don’t see what’s inside, but we trust that it holds eveything it needs, the formula and directions, for growing into whatever is intended. We follow some very simple steps and then release it to the natural unfolding of the universe.

Creating a Dream Seed is much the same. It is a power-packed vision, complete with it’s own DNA, designed by YOU! Once created, it is planted in the fertile soil of your heart and soul, the space where dreams are nurtured. Then, as you remain filled with H.O.P.E~Healthy Optimistic Perspective on Everything, your dream takes root and begins to grow into your life.

Today I invite you to Trust the Magic of New Beginnings and Start Something New! Join me by creating your very own Dream Seed.

Trust Your Inner Guidance.

What is Calling You?

Take a look at some of the Dream Seeds in our Gallery and visit our page to see what others are saying about creating their very own Dream Seed. Do it on your own with 7 simple, easy-to-follow steps or I would be honored to guide you through the process in person, by phone, or via skype. I am happy to be your Creative Dream Companion™ on this MAGICAL journey to your highest and best Life…

in Full BLOOM!,




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