Gifts from My Angels

Dear Heart,

There are times when my heart is truly in a deeper place, a present moment that is so unique and radiant, one that must be shared. The truth of it stirs my soul, and it is then that I realize there are always, most certainly Angels among us in endless ways and in countless forms…and they are seen with the heart, through the eyes of love. 


relationship that cannot often be expressed in words but in gestures

My daughter was up with the sun this morning, planning for my celebration. She wanted streamers, decorations, and a special breakfast. This is not out of the ordinary. I am in constant celebration. And still, it moves my heart to experience motherhood…relationship that cannot often be expressed in words but in gestures. It is the hug that shows up out of nowhere at all, the love note given just because, the rock carried in a pocket from school or the flowers picked up and freely given with just you in mind. It is my heart moved in so may directions that I am stretched beyond what I imagined. It is looking into their eyes and seeing the light of the world, knowing that beyond anything I can do, they will always know the way.

~Make it MAGICAL~

I have learned to believe in miracles, because I have experienced them in the form of human Angels. On Mother’s Day, and every day, I give thanks for my three beautiful children. I give thanks for the sweet gifts that they always bring in all their forms. Today, I celebrate motherhood by embracing my children. 

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

Luciano De Crescenzo

Love and Angel embraces to you, beautiful soul,

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