Family Matters: Celebrating the Purpose and Value of Living Together

My family is important to me. As a wife and mother of three, I spend most of my day interacting with or planning for my family in some way. There is great value in the time I devote to them and it is often through time I spend by myself, reflecting on how we are being when we are together, that I have the greatest appreciation for their touch on my life. As much as I would love to say I get it in the present moment, and that is happening more and more often, sometimes it all comes together as the story unfolds and when I see the bigger picture. I am grateful, however, that I am making those vital connections and seeing the bigger picture now, which gives each new experience more momentum. Family There is so much reason to celebrate each and every experience we have together and, though it might seem foreign to celebrate the challenges, I have learned that they are a healthy and, of course, natural part of the journey.  How we navigate them, however, is what determines how these experiences feel and that, in turn, determines how my family will feel about being together.

Learning to be with my family and still honor myself has raised the bar…not for them, but for me.

Though we are a family unit, I see each of my family members as individuals, each with their own unique light to shine on the world, and I have a unique relationship with each of them. There is a delicate balance between allowing them to be individuals and honoring the family as a whole, and it is something I am fine-tuning as I honor myself in this business of family. I used to feel I had to struggle for this little piece of sanity in my life, to preserve time and space for myself, and I still make sure I have those things. However, I now know that the greatest reason for me to be here is to experience relationship, interaction, and ultimately love. Learning to be with my family and still honor myself has raised the bar…not for them, but for me. It has asked me to make sure I do those things to take care of myself in the most unselfish of ways. It is the greatest act of service I can provide. My state of being affects everyone.  At the end of the day, simply put, everyone will be happier in my world if I am happy, because it is how I am being that determines how I will allow them to be.   So today, I am doing that one thing… that one powerful thing that makes my heart sing, that allows me to shine, and that ultimately makes me happy. By reflecting on these present moments, I am reshaping my world. By celebrating my family, I am growing in love.  And by sharing these stories, I am extending my joy to you. Thank you for receiving it today.

with all my heart,


As a certified classroom teacher for over twenty years and a Creative Dream Companion, Rosa Maria Szynski inspires self-exploration, honors self-discovery and awareness, and invites creative self-expression. She believes in the power of the heart and the beauty of Heart2Heart connection as a way to Harmonize, Elevate, Appreciate, Radiate, and Transform  experiences while creating a Happily Ever After that is Real and True to your own unique journey.  

Happily Ever After

~Celebrate Your Life & Love~


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