Fall in Love with Change

Dear Lover of Life,

This is my path today. How did I get here? I started walking and, when I got the nudge to go in a new direction, I followed that blissful feeling. I followed the playful light dancing in front of me. I noticed the beauty all around me, and I felt such awe and appreciation for it all. This is my path. This is my life. My life is a series of seasons and, as it is with seasons, there comes change.


I have been immersed in the change of seasons, immersed in the changes of life. I’ve been celebrating, contemplating, and embracing. My oldest child recently turned 18 and will graduate high school in just the next few months. My father, who is in need of a liver transplant, will most likely move here to be near my family, so that we can be of assistance to him. My children are literally growing before my eyes, not just in the physical sense, but they are growing and expanding, micro-movements that can only be seen with a mother’s heart…growing into the most beautiful beings. The sensitive soul that I am, I could not take my eyes off them during this time. I’ve been magnetized to them, desiring to be fully present to see it all, to feel it with everything I am.


Every moment is so precious to me. I love the change of seasons. It makes life so interesting and full. Change is certainly a part of life. Change is life…and sometimes just when you think you have everything in some kind of order, life changes. I am learning to appreciate these seasons of life that make me feel so ALIVE! 



 The Beauty of my morning hike in my favorite woods is that I am able to contemplate and reflect on my life. Recognizing the changes in nature show me that change is natural. Today, I see, hear, smell, feel and embrace the changes. 

~Make it MAGICAL~

Go for a MAGICAL walk and let it shift your perspective. Let it guide you to FALL in Love with your whole life. 

falling in love with change,

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