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Dearest Mindful Explorer,

I went outside for a walk. Nature was calling me to come and share in the beauty and glory of the day. I had things to do, but I decided to give it a few minutes and breathe in the fresh air. I had to decide to begin and, as a mother of three, I can always find something I ‘should’ be doing. However, I have learned the value of making space in my day for my own rejuvenation, a few minutes of time where I step away from everything and discover infinity. The wonderful gift is that I have a magical woods in my own backyard and, knowing what I know, I would make time to travel to another place, and I sometimes do, in order to reconnect with all that is sacred and holy to me.


Once outside for that decided few minutes, I realize I am breathing lighter, walking with intention, eyes open wide and heart open even wider. Everything is beautiful…every tree, every leaf, even every person I encounter. I did not come out here to simply release, I am a seeker. I came here to see what there is to see. Not knowing what I may find, I trust that I will discover something far greater. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of leaves by now, swirling as they fall from the trees, crunching beneath my feet and reminding me for a moment of my childhood days, walking home from school. In this moment, I begin to hear the beat of my steps and the crunch of the leaves as a meditative rhythm. All at once, I look down and see something I could not have set out to find, fully knowing it could only show up on my path if I was present. Among the vast flurry of leaves, I spotted one designed for my heart, for this moment, just for this mindful explorer.


“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.” 

~John Muir~

How can this be? I don’t ask that question as often as I used to. I recognize that this is a gift, one that I have invited, and I marvel in the love that surrounds me. I feel deep appreciation for a seemingly simple leaf with a seemingly simple message. And then, my heart opens to experience the infinity. I see the colors of the leaves more vibrant, the sky more bright, the sun more illuminated, reaching to me and extending a beam of light and love, a majestic moment. This moment is a reflection of my heart and one that I would not have known if not for the decision to be go where my heart calls. 


The Mindful Explorer is attentive. She acknowledges her feelings. She is beginning to know her heart more intimately. She knows this is where here dreams reside, so she pays attention to her thoughts and ideas while doing it from her heart, and she sees that there is a connection between what is within her and what comes into the world through her. 

~Make it MAGICAL~

Go outside for a walk in nature. Breathe in the fresh air and let it fill you up so richly that you release everything else. Feel the lightness of your being. Acknowledge the present moment and let the magic of your inner world show up in the great landscape of your daily life. If you need to, take a picture or bring some treaure home with you as a gentle reminder of what is possible when you open your mind and your heart to life’s greatest offerings. Begin to feel the effects of natural healing. 

with love~from my heart to yours, body, mind, and spirit,

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