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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…A Creative Dream Journey™ begins with just one Dream Seed 

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What would it be like to plant your seed and then let it begin to work while you literally sleep on it? A Dream Seed can be planted at any time and in any season of your life! Begin growing your Dreams today!

Dreams do come true. We just have to be willing to acknowledge them and then, lovingly allow them to become what we envision…or something better!

When a DREAM is planted, it takes root in the heart and in the world. All things are possible when we Believe. Acknowledging a dream lets it know we believe, and we are ready to SEE it come into being.


~A DREAM SEED is Power-Packed with your own Creative Dream DNA™~

Desire~What you truly want

Navigational Knowing~Appreciation for where you are and Ignition for new direction

ACTivation~ A new awareness, and a sense of how to get there

Very simply, a Dream Seed creates a streamlined and powerful vision  you can hold in your hands and keep at your bedside to look at each night…literally planting it in your dreams for more insights while you sleep.

Do you Dream of Love? A New Direction? How about a New Beginning to something you thought was an ending? Maybe you just want to appreciate your life even more and you want to share that with the ones you Love…

Begin with appreciating right where you are and discover where you’re going…                                

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Creating your Dream Seed is a Wonderful Gift of Present Moments!   

I first created this packet for myself to grow gratitude and use creative visualization with images to ‘see’ what I wanted to ‘see’ in my world.

Then, I shared it with my family and I realized the power it had to bring us together, to see one another’s visions in form so we could support each other. I realized I had created a gift for Creative Dreamers!  

 Create Your Dream Seed Today and experience the gentle shift…

Clarify Your Vision & Invite Your Dream Into Your Life~ “This is Exciting! I enjoyed my one-on-one session with Rosa. Working with her in person helped me to clarify my dream, and I learned how to set my intention, fine-tune it, using the most powerful words, so that it could be heard. Through this process, I discovered that I have the power to make my wishes and dreams come to life. Rosa is such a positive person, and she shares her bright attitude in a way that helps me to refocus and see the world from a higher perspective. The very next day after my session, I received invitations that showed me my intention was already showing up in my life! I feel happy, and I believe my Dream Seed is growing into an amazing flower! Thank you, Rosa. I’m so glad I met you.” ~Evgeniya, Fishers, Indiana

Discover a True Love Connection“So powerful, Beautiful. I am so in awe about what is transpiring right now. I am grateful. I can feel your angelic essence~you have already truly blessed my life in such a big way. Thank you so much for sharing your intuitive message as well, a portal to my destiny.” ~Tanya, London, England

Free Your Spirit“Thank you for your guidance and inspiration!! When I woke up this morning my acrostic changed from alive to liberating!! The dream seed certainly is an activator! And you, my sweet, are a gift the world needs to know.” ~Raina, Fishers, Indiana

Experience More Beauty~ “Thank you, Rosa, for taking me on your playful, meaningful Dream Journey. The seed creation made it fun. The planting made it happen. You are such a bright spot in my life. You are amazing.” ~Denise-Marie, Palm Beach, Florida


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Deepen Your Connections~ “I did this session with my best friend! Creating the Dream Seed with Gabby definitely made the session more powerful. Connecting through discussions of our Dream Seeds created a closer bond between us. I cannot explain in words how wise and caring Rosa is to all those around her. All three of us were open-minded, loving, and supportive of one another, making the session flow fantastically, creating such a marvelous experience! I was able to get more in touch with my spiritual side, connected to God. It was relieving. I am beyond grateful that I was able to take part in the session with people close to my heart.” ~Nicole, Chicago, Illinois

Feel Enlightened~ “Doing the Dream Seed with my best friend, Nicole, and Rosa made a perfect trio. We shared our written answers together after each step, and I loved hearing a bit of personal insight from everyone. I felt proud of my inner strength, and I realized I had repressed these thoughts too long. It was a good release I needed. I felt my body glowing. Everything was calm but powerful, and the energy of it was such a loving atmosphere. Rosa is an eye-opener each time we connect, and I was in a state of calm and clarity afterwards. I feel so much closer with myself and what I want to accomplish. It was perfect!” ~Gabby, Chicago, Illinois

 Create your own Dream Seed 

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 “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Dream Seed, once created, is your own super-charged, portable vision aligned with and created from your own heart…

“I sleep with my Dream Seed under my pillow at night, and I read my mantra before bed. I’ve even had my own signs after this special session.” ~Gabby S.

“I actually found myself shaking it… because I knew there was something inside (the intention). I love it! I carry it around with me. It makes me very happy.” ~Tanya V.

Begin your new year or begin a new journey with a simple yet powerful expression that brings your visions to life! Experience the joy of appreciation and the start of something new. 



Be Inspired! Visit the Dream Seed Gallery here.

“Whatever you dream, begin it. Action has magic, power, and grace in it.”