21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 6: Time for Love, the Power of Words, and All That Matters

Dear Beauties,

I planned on writing my gratitude yesterday. Then, as the day unfolded, I listened to the whisper to slow down. Feel everything. My son came in to talk before bed. He shared some thoughts about things I was wondering about. It was a perfectly designed moment to really hear what his heart had to say. By the time we were finished talking, I was ready for rest. My head finally on the pillow, I gave thanks for that MOMent. These are the days I will forever cherish.

I’m grateful for time to have relationship with my children. 

I continued to be in the flow. Gratitude opens doors and creates pathways, and I am grateful for that. Each time, I give attention and thanks for what I have, the things I get to experience, and the journey itself, I feel the shift in me. Energetically, there is a gentle movement that happens. I feel more peace. I realize that when I am giving attention to what I love, there is room for nothing else. Love presides. Gratitude is not only a form of intimacy. It is an expression of love. 

I’m grateful for everyone who shows up in my day and allows me the opportunity to express gratitude. 

Today was my first visit to a new class. When I arrived, it soon became apparent that there was a substitute instructor. During the class, I noticed how she smiled often, making eye contact and offering encouragement. I felt her warmth and her intention to make the class challenging and welcoming. At the end of class, I told her three things… I love your smile, I love your choice of music, and I love your energy! She beamed. Im sure she felt good, but I know I felt wonderful for having expressed my ‘love’. It’s a wonderful gift we have to be able to share positive thoughts out loud, but even I know that words don’t often have to be expressed. Our intentions and our thoughts are powerful creators. 

I’m grateful to know that my thoughts, words, and actions matter.They are matter!

You matter!



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