21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 5: Morning Naps, Yoga, and Winks

Dear Earth Angels,

It has been quite a day. I woke up, packed lunches, and then I did everything I do to see my family off each day. After returning from taking my daughter to school, I started off with some quiet time for reflection. Sitting in my big chair, I relaxed until I drifted off for a little while. An early morning nap is so delicious even if it’s 10 or 15 minutes long. 

I delight in acts of rejuvenation. I am grateful for rest.

I went to a later Yoga class today. At first, I was thinking about extending my nap, but then I got moving. I knew I needed to go to that class today. I made a deliberate decision to pay attention to every movement no matter how big or small. It makes a difference, and today I really needed to go with the flow in more ways than one. Being conscious of micro-movements is a moving meditation. As I lay in resting-pose, I was aware of my thoughts floating in and, as I observed them and sent them on their merry way, I noticed them turning into intuitive nudges.

I am grateful for yoga, micro movements, and the magic of consciousness.

Once I was finished with yoga, I noticed the woman on the mat next to me. She looked familiar, but I knew I had never met her before. Still, I looked at her with curiosity. Then, on the front of her t-shirt, I saw the words, Puerto Rico. It excited me because in the moments before, when I was observing my thoughts, I was thinking about my late father who was from Puerto Rico. Tomorrow is his birthday. When I asked the woman if she had been to Puerto Rico recently, she replied that she had. She said she went not long ago to spread her husband’s ashes there, because they had vacationed to Puerto Rico countless times together. Another synchronicity! I plan to spread my father’s ashes to commemorate his birthday. I smiled at the thought of my father giving me a wink of acknowledgement.

I feel grateful for angels who show up in my day and sometimes, unknowingly, deliver sweet messages straight to my soul. 

with winks and warm embraces,


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