21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 4: Walks in Nature, Gravity, and Intimacy

Dear Lovlies,

It was another gorgeous day for walking! It was not very warm nor was it sunny, but the leaves…oh my…the amazing leaves of fall. I absolutely love the colors! Whether I glimpse them on the horizon or crunch them beneath my feet, the leaves are everywhere and man are they just incredible. I really do love the change of seasons. I appreciate the transformation of the landscape and the shifts that take place within me. 

I am incredibly grateful for change.

I guess this season got its name quite literally! The leaves fall to the ground and so there’s the story. It made me think of gravity today. Gravity is one of laws of the Universe that we have come to count on. We don’t question it. We expect things to fall down, not up. We anticipate everything we do with the idea that the earth has a natural pull on all things. We know it so well, that it is only natural for us to behave in ways that correspond to the law.

I feel gratitude for nature and the law of gravity that brings autumn to me.

And intimacy…I heard it said that Gratitude is a form of Intimacy. It feels true to me. Feeling grateful for people, things, experiences, and life in general, really feeling the gratitude, has deepened my sense of connection in the world and beyond. Deep appreciation lives in my soul and when I feel it, I am right there in the heart of me. 

I am grateful for gratitude which deepens my connection to all things including myself.

feeling grateful,


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