21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 3: Leafy Landscape, Daylight Savings, and Water

Dearest Friends,

There is more fall to enjoy! I have made a declaration to myself and the universe that I will walk for at least 30 minutes each day. Walking in fall is a delight. Whether in sunshine or rain, there is something magical about the smells, the colors, and the sensations of autumn. I walked into a flurry of fallen leaves today, and my heart skipped with joy! I felt like a kid. I was lost in the beauty of this leafy landscape. 

I am grateful for fall and fallen leaves as far as I can see.

Before I took my walk today, I went to two of my favorite classes. I danced, and then I did yoga. During classes, I reach for my water bottle on several occasions. Each time, I feel so thankful for the cold crisp water that flows into my body, quenching my thirst. I love water. I’m so grateful to have access to it so easily. 

I am grateful for clean, clear, refreshing water!

Finally, but not last, I find myself thankful for Daylight Savings Time which we are experiencing here in Central Indiana. When we “fall back”, we gain an hour. So, on Sunday, we had an extra hour in the day which actually made it feel like we had several more hours somehow. Although we have a time change, and we have more darkness in our morning before the sunrise, I still like the change. It doesn’t seem like we are getting more daylight, but we are always getting a new day! Change is good. Something different makes me more aware. My senses are alert, and I am ultimately more alive.

Experiencing this difference in time gives me more to appreciate about time itself. 

with sincere thanks for life both inside and out,




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