Dance Lessons from My Father

Dear Dancing Queen,

My father quietly slipped away just as he had envisioned, I’m sure. I don’t think there is anyone who was more proud to share my successes with anyone he met. There was certainly no one more vocal. He didn’t know a stranger and, as soon as he was able, he pulled out his phone to share not only my picture but those of my siblings and his grandchildren as well. I will always remember how, when he had a dream, he would call me because he knew I understood why it touched him so deeply. My dad lived on is own terms, and I see now that he also departed in that same way. I’m grateful that he knew I loved him. The more I appreciate who he was, the more I appreciate who I am.

Me with my Dad at a Teen Scholarship pageant in 1983

 I learned to move to that Latin rhythm that was a part of my youth, my roots

I walked into my first Zumba class about 4 months ago. I love to dance, and I thought this would be fun. And it was! Oh my goodness, I felt so free. More than fun, this dancing resonated with me. I especially connected to the Latin music and Salsa style of movement. In January, I felt compelled to sign up for an upcoming Zumba training, and I couldn’t explain the strong pull I had to do it now! I just had a knowing. Then, last week, my father passed away. The best thing I remember is how I watched him dance, and I learned to move to that Latin rhythm that was a part of my youth, my roots, almost tribal. I suddenly realized that going to this training was more than a pull for me. It is an orchestration, designed and aligned for my soul, so perfectly planned for this moment. I am going to dance tomorrow. Whether it’s part of a healing journey, a new beginning, or a coming of full circle, I am delighted, tickled, excited, thrilled, and joy-filled about this wonderful adventure, and I am open to the possibilities!

“The purpose of dancing isn’t to end up at a particular spot on the floor. The purpose of dancing and of life is to enjoy every moment and every step, regardless of where you are when the music ends.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

My passion is far more than dance or any one thing I do. It is discovering meaningful and heartfelt connection, living an inspired life, going with the flow of my spirit wherever it leads, whenever it calls, knowing it is always my choice and part of this dance we call life.


~Make it MAGICAL~

We all have passions, desires, longings, hopes, dreams, and ultimately sometimes, fears. What is it you long to do? Realize that the something you are passionate about might be calling to you simply to get you moving, going in the direction of a life that will fulfill you. It may not be about that one thing you do but about taking steps, making changes, encountering the new and fresh perspective that guides you to another level of living deeper, stronger, truer. Allow yourself to be pulled, nudged and led to the next logical step even if it doesn’t make sense. You may discover a new step on the dance floor or an amazing stepping stone to the life of your dreams.

in joy-filled movement,

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