Becoming TransParent

Dear Lover of Light,

I am taking a deep breath and filling myself with gratitude for this new day and the sweet opportunity to connect with you. I absolutely love sharing what I find magical, and this is one of those things. 

In the last several months, I was involved with a transition for each of my parents. My mother made her way to her heavenly home and, my father, who moved here for medical attention and daily assistance, made his way back to his home, his heaven on earth in sunny Florida. In both cases, I felt called to support and encourage my family members. As the oldest child, I found myself taking care of things, wanting to lighten everyone’s load, feeling like I should have all the answers. To be honest, in those moments, I felt my humanness more than ever. I didn’t always practice the self-care I know so well. There were moments my heart ached, and I felt momentary overwhelm. And yes, I definitely needed time to myself as I questioned this journey and my direction. In my quiet time and reflection, I had an insight, a play on words, that caused a shift for me…


experiencing the gifts of mother and/or father in a new light, going beyond relationship, offering clarity, inviting self-reflection, and creating a deeper appreciation while causing one to elevate™

For a brief moment, I wondered why now? Why at the same time? Why, when they are both so young? Then, I remembered that this is their journey, and I remembered that everything has a purpose. Through it all, I discovered the beauty and magic of this time as well. I found that, in being a support to my parents and family, everything that is wonder-full to me in this world was only magnified. I began to see how truly vital it is to live in this moment, to do what I love, and to be even more grateful for what I have. I realized how much I deserve to experience joy in each interaction, to surround myself with uplifting people and experiences, and to do all things with even more Love. 


It is not what you look at that matters,

it’s what you see.

~Henry David Thoreau~

Sometimes changes like this are as simple as having a new awareness or an altered perspective, one that transcends the old way of seeing things. Other times, the actual physical changes require time and practice. I am experiencing both. The experiences with my parents have transformed me, helping me release them, and trusting all is happening in Divine perfect order. These experiences have also served as invitations to do more for myself, like making sure to schedule my daily exercise, making health appointments, and eating high vibe foods. Most of all, I realized how amazing I feel when I share what is dear to me. There is something magical about sharing my stories and recognizing the Beauty, Love, and Magic of life as it unfolds so perfectly. Thank you for this space to share my heart today. 

~Make it MAGICAL~

I am the invitation. I am here to invite you to experience more Beauty, Love, and Magic in your own life and, if you are going through change or making a transition of some kind, I invite you to give yourself the gift of time. With self-love and care, you will discover that your whole life has happened in order to support this moment. That is the real magic! 

with love, honor, and appreciation,

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