Create A New Year’s REvolution!

Dear Beautiful Dreamers,

Happy New Year!

I hope your first day of 2017 feels bright and shiny and full of receptivity for all things beautiful, lovely, and magical. There’s a feeling in the air. Can you feel it? There’s something wonderful about releasing, letting go of the old, making room for the new, but I have an amazing new perspective this year about the past, present, and future.

So often, we do our best to leave the past behind and focus on the future because we have learned that the past is done and the future is yet to be, but we know that the present moment is where it’s at! This is the only true moment we have, but what if we honor the past and the future for what they’ve made us feel and for how we want to feel in the future? What if how we’re BEing has a powerful impact on what we’re DOing? 

What if we acknowledge that, yes, we are living in the present moment and, at the same time, we reflect on the past year and ask these questions: What went well? What worked for me? What are the highlights of this past year? Want more of that? Reflection is a way to invite the heart to set new intentions, to go deeper with those things that are working. And what about the future? Of course we lean into it in an effort to cross that magical bridge into something we want. How about instead of leaning, we let ourselves flow and what if before we move, we Envision. What if we spend time creating an image of what we truly want to experience. I have decided that, instead of making a Resolution, I am creating a REvolution…I am Reflecting on the past, Envisioning the future and going deeper, making my way into the vortex of creativity, going with the momentum I have stirred up. There, I discover the magical space where anything is possible.

~Make it MAGICAL~

Are you ready to create something new in the New Year? One powerful way to arrive in the land of your dreams is to create a map for the journey that leads to and from the heart.  What does that map look like? It begins with simple tools you have right at your fingertips. One of the first tools I use when I initiate a new journey is my journal. Here are questions you can write in your journal. Take time to Reflect. Make time to Envision. Start a REvolution all your own: 

Journey in for Reflection:

What did I love about 2016? 

What worked well?

What are the highlights?

When did I shine?

How did 2016 feel?

Journey out with what you Envision:

How do I want to feel in 2017?

What can I do that will make me feel that way?

Now List 3 things I can do each week that will give me that feeling.


with love and endless honor for your Creative Dream Journey,




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