Cleaning, Clearing, Expressing… Discovering My Heart’s G.E.M.S

Dear Thankful One,

I have had a burst of energy lately, and I have been using it to propel myself to do fall cleaning in my home. I began focusing on going deeper than the surface cleaning I’ve done for years as my children were growing up. Now I am going into closets, drawers, cupboards and releasing lots of items that no longer fit in these spaces for us. I did a deep clean in my garage and, most recently, my basement. Once I get going, it’s easy to keep cleaning and moving things for hours.

I had a realization that when I am in the zone, everything flows. I get ideas about what to let go of and what to keep, where to move the furniture and even what I can do that will support my family in these spaces, making them feel more at home. This movement feels good. I even realized that cleaning the basement has freed up so much lovely energy throughout my home. Without being in the lower level space, I can feel the lightness in the foundation and, consequently, I am lighter and so is my family. 

I have discovered that when I tend to the spaces at the foundation, beneath the surface, I create space, freedom, and room to move more freely. I also discovered that it is the same within myself, my own body, mind, and spirit. As I tend to those places deeper than the surface, I begin to feel exactly the same about my life…there is more space, more freedom, more room to move and to breathe more deeply. Perhaps the burst of energy was not just meant for me to clean my home but also for me to do some spiritual housekeeping as well. 

I am feeling more and more grateful each day for the things I have and the things I can let go of, having experienced them and received the value of each. They have certainly served a purpose, and for that I am thankful. Sometimes I can’t believe I have so much ‘stuff’ down here in the basement that isn’t being used, but it also clarifies for me how much life stuff is down here inside me as well, not being utilized anymore, sitting there, taking up space until I am ready to release it all. I feel like I have done this little by little over the years, but right now in my life, I am doing a deep clean. Something has shifted in me and my life. It feels good to honor those changes with room for more.

With that, I can see how my internal changes are creating a need for new space externally. What is happening within me has to be supported on the outside. I am also cell-ebrating my changes with so much gratitude, blessing my whole life, all my experiences, all my beliefs, and all that I have treasured. I am exactly here today because of the journey I’ve had. So I have been writing letters, sending notes of thanks, offering words of encouragement as well as passing along affirmations and inspiration.  It is one way for me to physically experience the gratitude on this deeper level, another way to fully express what is inside me. Gratitude is powerful. It is one of the most life-enhancing things we are able to both give and receive. Over the next month, I plan to focus on radiating my heart by expressing what I feel. I am calling this my 30 Days of G.E.M.S to remind me to appreciate every person and every thing more often. 



Gratitude Enlivens My Soul 

~Make it MAGICAL~

Are you ready to feel more energy? Begin to honor and let go of some or all of those things, both internally and externally, that have supported you on your journey. Bless them and feel the blessing they have been to you. As you release naturally, you will find yourself filled with gratitude for this process. Perhaps you may be nudged to express your thanks in a note, delivered or not. Today, I want to express my gratitude for YOU being in this creative space so I can send you my thoughts, insights, and inspirational messages. Thank you for receiving them, and for receiving me.  

Just a note~ I made the heart-shaped box in the image here with my daughter. We had so much fun adding the GEMS to the heart. 

with all my heart, sending love and endless deLight,

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