Cardinal Directions for Life

Dear Vibrant Visionary,

It is the first day of winter, and this cool, crisp day was beckoning, “Make time for movement, clear your mind, cleanse your breath. Come outside.” I had been inside for days with a bug, feeling not quite myself. Instead of fighting with it to go away, I simply went with the flow. As I lay in bed, I asked for direction. I was prompted to practice my affirmations, positive words that remind me of the healing power at my fingertips.

I Love and Appreciate Myself

I had time for reflection, and I was able to tune in to things that wanted to be seen and heard. I started to get a clearer vision for aspects I want to experience in the new year by being more clear on things I am ready to release. These new ideas were swirling around in my mind and body, so the call to “walk it out” felt just right today.

As I began walking, I instantly felt the relief in my whole being. I could breathe easier. I saw the expansiveness of the sky and the world just got bigger. There was more room for my thoughts. The more I walked, the more clarity I had. It was a wonderful and uplifting feeling. I soon felt as if I could fly. That’s when I looked ahead on my path and saw him. The beautiful, deep red cardinal amidst the light and bright snow.

The closer I got, I felt as if he had a message for me, and we had a divine appointment. And then, I heard it:

  • Be Bright.
  • Show Up, Be Seen.
  • Lead with Grace and Honor your own Nobility
  • Live with Passion

I realized why I had to come outside. I had not been feeling quite like myself, but as soon as I received the message this bright bird was sharing, these directions for living a vibrant life, I felt renewed. That one interaction, though brief, affected me greatly, causing a shift and a transformation. I returned home with a new outlook and a feeling of bliss, and I was reminded of how vital my walks in nature have become…medicine for my soul. 

~Make it MAGICAL~

During these very full holidays, make time to go outside and connect with nature. Let yourself get lost and found. Discover the signs that are there to lead you. Look and listen. Feel renewal. Allow your discoveries to heal you. 

go confidently in the direction of your highest self,




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