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Dear Creative Dreamers,

I shared this story before, but I thought it would be appropriate for this upcoming Mother’s Day, for mothers, and for anyone who is interested in tapping into their own Super Powers. It has taken time for me to identify these gifts and more time to focus on their true potential, even though they have always been part of my essence, as are your own wonderful and amazing gifts. By sharing what I have discovered and continue to grow into, I invite you to embrace your own real Wonder-full!

We were watching a movie last night about a school filled with children who had super-powers. One boy, however, didn’t know what his was yet. So before bed, Grace asked me, “What are your Super Powers, Momma?” I told her it was really amazing that she asked, because I have been feeling into this a lot lately. This is what I told her. It turned out to be a time of whispers and giggles for us both…

Super Powers Super Mom graphic

The essence of who we truly are…

“I think our Super Powers are the essence of who we truly are…When we shine a light on these gifts, we can’t help but radiate them so others can see them, too. They are the parts of us that, with laser beam focus, affect others in a positive way.”

~The Power of Beauty~

“I see the BEAUTY in Everything and in Everyone. Even if it takes some time removed from the situation, in my reflection, I know and believe it is all for good.”

~The Power of Love~

“I LOVE deeply. My heart is open to give and receive love, and it is that heart2heart connection that energizes me, so I can be more present to others.”

~The Power of Magic~ 

“I see, hear, feel, and sense beyond what is visible. I have a knowing and I trust in that present moment awareness called Intuition. I believe beyond reason that everything is connected. To me, that is the real magic of life.”

I am an ACTivator!

“Because I know what my gifts are, it is my passion and calling to share them with others, to show them that they have their own gifts, to elevate them.”

“On top of all that, I am a Mother and Wife, and the more I have embraced that, the more I strengthen my Super Powers, because I have the best Dream Team that supports the plan for me and my work in the world!”

And with that, she snuggled me, and I smiled in my heart. 

A day in the life of Super Momma in full BLOOM! 

Stay tuned for more adventures…

~Make it MAGICAL~

ACTivate your Super Power of Love,

Raise Your Love Vibration

Love Letters:An Inspirational Guide to Sending Messages of Love

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with Beauty, Love, and Magic,

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