Beautiful Journey From Passion Princess to Queen of Heart

I am a writer, an author, a wife, a mother, a seekerI have traveled across the seas and into the depths of my soul. I am a discoverer, a creator, and a lover of all things…

Passion Princess and Queen of Heart

Passion Princess/Queen of Heart by Rosa Maria Szynski


Once upon a time…I was shaken awake and found out that I was alive inside. I felt the excitement of adventure as I wrapped my arms around the neck of a wild Mustang. The wind blew my hair. The sun kissed my skin, and the cleansing rain poured over me and refreshed my spirit.  I loved deeply and intimately with all of me. I was free. All this roaming and living and loving and breathing was wondrous. I was living the life of a Princess in my romantic fairytale. Until one day, I felt a desperation to be more civilized, more responsible. It was time to make some decisions, to spend more time in the castle devoted to leading and learning more about my Queendom. I discovered a secret chamber with a door I never saw before. I went deeper than passion. I walked the spiral staircase into the depths of my heart…touching, feeling, and seeing more clearly. I discovered a wealth of treasures I had not known existed within me. I sat for long hours. I examined. I observed. I embraced the unknown until it became familiar.

As Queen of my Heart, it was time to emerge with my new treasures so that I could share them with the world, but somehow, I could not find my way. Sometimes, I had fears about walking up and into the light. Sometimes, these gifts seemed too heavy to carry. Sometimes, I felt like I had too much. Should I leave something behind?

After many long days and nights, I remembered. I remembered the wind blowing through my hair and I didn’t care if it got tangled. I remembered the way my skin bronzed when I spent days in the sun. I remembered how the rain quenched my parched lips when I was thirsty. I remember that when I was lost, I looked up at the stars to show me the way and how I when lay in the tall grass in the arms of my beloved beneath the light of the moon, I tingled with delight. I remembered how I crossed rainbow bridges with anticipation of what awaited me on the other side. So I invited her, the Passion Princess, to come and meet me. To walk with me up the staircase and out into the world. Together, we embarked on a Magical journey. We taught one another and shared secrets…the magnificent freedom of roaming unbounded in the outer world and the juicy pleasure of excavating the wealth of the inner world

I am an artist, a guide…I embrace my whole self. I feel all the feelings. I ask the questions. I listen for answers, and I look for signs. I dive deep and fly free. I am a Passion Princess and Queen of Heart. I look for and follow my dreams. I sit with them in the dark and get to know them. I carry them into the light and allow them to thrive. I am a storyteller. I tell the rich stories of my magical journeys, and they become invitations to others to embark on their own journeys. I am a Creative Dream Companion, and I share the joy of self-discovery, the gateway to dream-realization.

in dreams and in love,

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As a certified classroom teacher for over twenty years and a Creative Dream Companion, Rosa Maria Szynski inspires self-exploration, honors self-discovery and awareness, and invites creative self-expression. She believes in the power of the heart and the beauty of Heart2Heart connection as a way to Harmonize, Elevate, Appreciate, Radiate, and Transform your experiences while creating a Happily Ever After that is Real and True to your own unique journey.  

Happily Ever After

~Celebrate Your Life & Love~


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