About Rosa

creative dream companion flower page...About Rosa snapshot 2 I Love Life! I love nature and the beauty of the blue sky. I love flowers and trees and my long walks in the sun and in the rain. I love music, singing, dancing, and movement of all kinds! I love my children, all three, and I welcome them as teachers in my life. I watch them grow, and I learn how to be a softer and kinder person in the world. They are my invitations to embrace every moment.

magical living

I love my husband, my Creative Dream Companion, who traveled into my dreams and literally met me again for the first time, even though we knew one another when we were young. His appearance in my life has deepened my awareness that every single thing we experience serves a wonderful and beautiful purpose. 

I was a classroom teacher for about twenty years before deciding to be home with and for my children. I have been a mother for nearly twenty years. Life with children has called me to pay attention, to be present, and to offer them what I cherish deeply…

my love and appreciation for life

I love reading books, and I am open to learning. I read anything that calls to me and takes me on new adventures. Exploration and self-discovery excite me! Most of all, I love to write, to express my heart, and share my stories. I love making connections and seeing the beauty of life unfold in every circumstance. For this, I thank my beautiful Gregg who began writing Love Letters to me each day when we were reunited after our twenty-one years. He lovingly received all my words and gave me the space to practice sharing my greatest discovery…love, real and true.

we travel together and explore new things…

 Kids at Lake Michigan 2

Living life as a family is a constant reminder that presence and awareness are essential. 

my greatest gift…

My family is my greatest gift. They show me that relationship is the most powerful reason to be here on earth, to truly interact with each other, to practice being who we are here to be, to thrive in love, and to discover… 

the beauty of our own real love stories   

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Rosa Maria Szynski is a MAGICAL Living Mentor™ and Creative Dream Guide™. After years of living an ‘ordinary’ life, working as a teacher, being a mother and wife, Rosa longed to discover her greater purpose. One day, she awakened from a MAGICAL dream and her heart was opened, her intuition was ignited, and her life flourished. Rosa has identified the powerful tools and practices that unleashed her love affair with life over this last decade. She has discovered that relationship is the most powerful reason to be here on earth and shares her expertise as a teacher and communicator as well as her experiences with her family, utilizing her gift of storytelling, to inspire others to truly interact with life and with each other, to practice being who we are here to be, to thrive in love, and to discover the beauty of our own real Love Stories.