A Cup of Tea and Your Radiant Release of 2017!

Dear Magical Mom,

Tonight I am sitting with a cup of tea. The lovely lavender aroma fills me with a peaceful anticipation. I am closing out the beautiful and wonderful 2017. I hold the teacup between my hands, and I feel the warmth. It is the kind of warmth that I have felt all year each time I sat to reflect and spend time with my dreams. Tonight, I am joyfully thanking this past year for all its love, affection, support, and abundance. My year of MOVEMENT was so amazing!

As I sip and sort through these gifts, I feel a sense of aliveness and well-being. I am grounded. It was a good year. It was a good year for allowing myself to reshape both my inner and outer worlds. Both of my parents transitioned the last two years and, somehow, it affected me more than I realized. Not in a negative way. It made me want to reset and begin to rebuild my foundation rather than just strengthening it. So I did that. I healed. I reconnected to people, ideas, and things that brought me home not just to a place but to my soul. I began with building blocks in all areas of my life, and I moved everything including, and most of all, my physical body as often as I could. I danced and did yoga. I ran, hiked, walked and, at the end of the year, I added a different kind of weight training.

There was something MAGICAL about all the different kinds of movement. I felt a beautiful balance I hadn’t had in my life until now. That balance gave me a deeper peace and a wider joy! Now it’s time to grow in an upward direction, expand, rise, ELEVATE! 

Though I love to be a forward thinker, I have come to embrace a little ritual of letting go of the old year so I can bless all that I have experienced and truly acknowledge what I want to carry into the new year and what needs to be dissolved. It works! While I have been reflecting here and there in my mind, I spend about 30 minutes traveling back in time with pen in hand, and I do a few things…There is magic in writing things down. After my 30 minutes, tea all sipped away, I feel lighter. I know that I am ready for this new and exciting Creative Dream Journey’s next level!

Get it here…

 Rosa’s Radiant Ritual for Release 2017

~Make it MAGICAL~

I’ve been thinking about 2018 for the last few weeks, getting in touch with what I want to create in the New Year. In the whirl of the winter holidays, I am swept up in the now, but I feel the call of the future pulling me forward. There is an electric energy and excitement that flows through my whole being when I acknowledge the dreams and visions dancing in my head. Join me on my next step in creating a MAGICAL 2018! I will be sharing the next step in a new blog post coming soon. 

with MAGICAL waves of New Year Love,




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