21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 19: My Home Sweet Home, Laughter, and Candlelight

Last night, after all the lights were dimmed, there was but one light still flickering. My candle. I love candles and I light them whenever I can. The beautiful dancing flame swaying back and forth lights something within me. There’s light in me and there’s light in the world. 

I am grateful for all the light I see and feel all around me.

This year, we stayed home for Thanksgiving as usual. However, there was a new twist. It was just me and my little family. Everyone moved or went somewhere else. Funny how time changes, life unfolds, and we get more opportunities to rise and grow into the new versions of our lives. Home is where my heart is. Though I grow and expand, I have a forever bond to being home for my family wherever we are, whenever they come, however they show up. 

I love my home and my heart is my Home Sweet Home.

When we gathered around the table, we ate and talked. Later, we got our a board game. The more we played, the more we felt loopy and silly. We had so much fun, and we laughed and laughed for hours. I felt my mouth after a bit and realized that it created an almost permanent smile. I felt my body sifting, healing, feeling youthful, light, and open! Laughter is a great healer. 

I grateful for love and laughter.

with love in my heart and laughter in my soul,




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