21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude

Dear Beautiful,

I have been on a journey these last few months. It was and is a journey of self-discovery. There is nothing new about this… 

I am a Spiritual Adventurer!

For years, I have explored my inner world with utmost curiosity. I have discovered new pathways and portals and secret places to my higher and highest. I have tried a variety of tools (invitations from others), and I have created some of my own (invitations from my own spirit). No matter how far I venture or how deep I go, I come back to places where I began and use some of the same tools over and over again. It’s not that I have traveled in an aimless circle but in an elevated spiral.

Each time I come back to this new and higher perspective, I wonder how I got back here again until I play the part of the observer. Of course! This time I have a new understanding, and I’ve tapped into some higher level knowing. It’s up to me to apply it and let my life unfold even more beautifully. What are these tools? Do I have to pay lots of money for them? Where can I find them? 

One of the best tools I have ever used is journaling. I began writing in a journal when I was young. I don’t remember my exact age, but I do remember that when my mother bought me a diary. She simply handed it to me, and I’m sure she assumed I would know what to do. I remember fumbling with it. What do I write in it? Is it safe to write my innermost thoughts in a book that someone could possibly see? I feel most of the time, I wrote only about things I would feel comfortable sharing with someone if they did read my diary. Years later, I even remember writing some things I wanted no one to see and then tearing the pages out of my journal for safe measure. I wouldn’t want anyone to be hurt by my thoughts or feelings. How interesting it was to be so safeguarded. I don’t remember when I stopped journaling or if I ever stopped completely. I just know that it wasn’t a practice nor was I conscious about the kind of effect writing for myself could have on my me and my life.

Fast forward more than 20 years…I was experiencing divorce, big life changes, and it became essential for me to write about my feelings because there was no place to store them in my body with the daily interaction between my heart and mind, body and spirit. I soon realized that I had rediscovered writing in my diary and now there was such a great purpose to it. In fact, it all made sense why anyone would write their feelings and not even care if anyone saw their words. It was imperative to have this space. I needed it so I could see myself. I needed to hear the voice of my Spirit and, most of all, I absolutely needed to know I could navigate this journey with grace and ease for the sake of my two boys. Journaling took on a whole new meaning. It was a powerful healer.

Words are not just words.

They are energy…

Since those days, I have written in numerous journals. Pages and pages of “stuff” have been etched onto paper while nestled safely in my soul. On my journaling journey, I realized that this kind of reflection is powerful. Words are not just words. They are energy! Once we begin to harness the energy of what we say, think, and do, life becomes increasingly more pliable, more alchemical, more MAGICAL. 


~Make it MAGICAL~

Today I invite you to go on a Journal Journey with me. I am embarking on 21 Days of Gratitude. All you need is a small notebook. If you wish, you can decorate it a bit to make it your own, and then visit the blank space on a new page each day, allowing some positive vibes to stir up. I know that Gratitude is MAGICAL…

and 21 Days of it is Transformative!

I hope you’ll join me.  Check back here each day for my posts. I will also post an image for the day. You can join in by sending me an email, telling me about your gratitude below, sharing an image, or simply stopping by to say hello. Thank you again for being here! 

with love and gratitude,

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