21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 9: Movies that Move Me, Picnic Blankets in November, and New Perspectives

What a glorious day! Today, my husband and I had another opportunity for a date. It’s exciting to have two in a row. As a mom, I know that I have to be very intentional about making space in my day for things that elevate me so I can be more and more present to my family. As a couple, we often share and take turns doing duties, so it is a gift to us both when we choose time together and make it happen. Today, we went to afternoon movie. We laughed as we headed to one theater only to find we were looking at the wrong schedule. No movie here. So, we drove across town to another theater. Within minutes, we were watching a that touched our hearts. Both us were moved to tears and kleenex were required. Having those vulnerable moments, when we wipe one another’s tears, when I can feel my husband squeeze my hand knowingly during a certain scene, creates intimacy.

I am grateful for movie moments that open my heart and move me.

We were so moved after the movie that we took our exploration to the next level. We arrived home in the driveway and my husband grabbed a blanket from the back of our car, the one we use when we go on picnics. I wondered exactly where he was going. We traveled to our backyard, crossed our lovely creek, and there he spread the blanket out. We lay there looking up from beneath the trees of yellow leaves. It was a spectacular view and a wonderful new perspective!

We took some pictures from our vantage point and then we strolled around the park taking pictures of everything including each other. It was fun! As soon as I was on the blanket looking up at the leaves overhead, I realized that I would not be seeing the leaves this way if it weren’t for my husband’s invitation. I also, more deeply, recognized that his perspective added more fullness to my life in that moment. When I allow him and others to show me where they’re coming from, I can actually see the beauty of our unique points of view. 

I am grateful for picnic blanket perspectives in November.

seeing with the eyes of my heart and a new perspective,

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