21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 7: Family Time, Radiance, and Golden Beams of Love

Dear Thanks-Giving Muses,

I started out posting my Gratitude messages on the same evening, and now I see how they have gently morphed into posting them the day after and whenever I get to them. There’s so much reflection and then there’s time. By the time the evening comes around, I am engaged in the energy of family and home. So that brings me to today’s sharing. I  am grateful to have a family for which I offer my love and attention. I believe that this is one of my greatest experiences. This is one area of my life that I don’t think too much about doing. It’s autoMAGIC. I am a mom, a wife, a human BEing filled with infinite, expansive, limitless love. Searching for that love-well within me has been such a journey. I discovered it is endless. It’s bottomless. There is always more. And I found that whatever I do in love energizes me beyond words. Love truly does flow back and fills me up to overflowing. 

I am so incredibly grateful for family and love.























As we ended our yoga class, the instructor bowed her head to us in reverence and thanked us for showing up on our mats. She said she was grateful for us. And I felt it. When we are truly grateful, it becomes one with us. We shine a little brighter. We radiate love beams of light that shower the others who come into range, with golden liquid love. 

I feel gratitude in my heart that overflows. May I continue to shower the people I love with love.

with love and thanksgiving,



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