21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 21: Dancing, My Sweet Car, and Life!!

Over the holiday break, I made room in my day to go to an early morning Zumba class. While it is called Zumba, the instructor leads with a more hiphop-like style of dance. I love Emily and her energy, and I love her class. I knew I couldn’t miss going to at least one day of dancing while on break with my family. Dancing lights me up! It is one of the most natural things I do. It flows…

I am grateful for dance and for natural movement in my days. 

Over the break, my husband also got to do a happy dance. For some time now, we were waiting to get a new vehicle when he found exactly what he wanted. He did! It’s exciting for a few reasons. For one, when I asked him what he wanted and how much he wanted to spend, he described his car. I wrote it down on a pretty paper and tucked it on my little board next to my desk. Within 6 days of posting it there, the right car showed up at the right price. The color of the car, the interior, and some features were all exactly as he wished. At the same time, I felt a sacred blessing for the wonderful car we had for over ten years. It is like an old friend whose time has come to move on. I really love and thank it for all the wonderful trips we made in it together.

I’m grateful for the transportation we each have and for the wonderful ability we have to roam free!

Today is Monday, and it took me a few extra days to finalize my gratitudes with all the excitement going on while my family was home on break. To sum up what I am grateful for, all I need to do is look around and see with my eyes all the beauty that surrounds me. Beauty in nature, material things, foods, time, space, energy between people, relationships, and words… I grateful to have all these things and the words that flow from my heart to express my innermost appreciation for life itself.

I am grateful for my beautiful life! 

Thank you for joining me on this 21 Day journey of Gratitude. It has been my deepest pleasure to share my heart and soul with words that express my sincere appreciation. 





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