21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 20: Backyard Beauty, Fall Bouquets, and Family Time

Dearest Sweet Angels of Life,

I am nearing my 21 Days of Gratitude. On this day, I’m feeling the gentle shifts that have been happening daily. heightened awareness of all that I have, all that I am, and all that I continue to want to be. I see myself in that future place… a little gentler, going with my flow, and being more me. However, I release it to the gorgeousness of the present moment. This is where I am right now. It is a marvelous space in time! When I walk outside, I see the beauty of life everywhere. I love my backyard. I love the trees and the water that runs through our creek. This is life moving in real-time and in real flow. I love nature and the call to be more natural in all I do.

I am grateful for the beauty in my own backyard, right this very minute. 

And oh, these flowers. I picked up a bouquet to place on my Thanksgiving table. I could look that them all day. I love the colors, their positioning, the vibrancy, the life! I love the life in them and I love life. So beautiful!!!

I am grateful for beautiful bouquets of flowers!

I know I’ve mentioned family many times throughout my days. I know in my soul, I was destined to be a mother, but not just a mother. I was destined to be an intentional, creative dream companion to my soul mates on this journey. I was born to accompany these particular souls so that we would grow and expand together, yet individually. Any day when I feel a challenge, I embrace the opportunity this family has given me to become ever more grateful.

I am grateful for my Creative Dream Journey of motherhood and family.

with natural beauty,

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