21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 18: Flow, Flow, and More Flow

Today I am preparing for Thanksgiving. Though we will have a more intimate, perhaps a slower-paced celebration this year with just me and my little family, I am busily whipping up all their favorite dishes. I’ve been in the kitchen for a few hours now. My son offered to go out and cut the grass. My daughter is upstairs refining her videos for her own web channel. The sun is streaming through the windows and life is full, alive, and vibrant. A few moments here and there, I have gotten outside my love and into my head, feeling a little cranky with overwhelm. My son comes in and reminds me that there is no rush. I’m so glad he’s here on my journey, reflecting back to me and calling me back into the flow. Life is like that. No matter how much I learn, how loving I become, how truly I want to forever be in the flow, there are honestly moments when I forget. It takes attention, staying present, and going with the flow.

I’m grateful for the flow!

I’m grateful for the ones in my life who remind me to come back to the flow.

Today, I drove with my son who is still in the learning stage. However, he is a good driver. He’s attentive and aware. He stays pretty present and it makes all the difference. I notice the smile on his face. That right there is worth more than gold. It’s real. It’s genuine, and it comes form some deeper place. Joy radiates from the simplest of things.

I’m grateful for golden moments of simple joy! 

with love and Thanksgiving Day appreciation,




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