21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 17: Life’s Gentle Unfolding, Love Taps, and Friendship

Dearest Sweet Souls,

Today my daughter got out of school early for the beginning of Thanksgiving break. I arrived a few minutes ahead of time to be sure I was well on time. The parking lot was full. As I waited, I was thinking about how this Thanksgiving, we will be creating new traditions. Life unfolds and things change, and we go in different directions. Sometimes we go in different directions from the ones with whom we’ve shared so much of the journey. This year, some have moved away and others are going someplace new on their own journeys. I’m looking forward to something new, too. I embrace change! I absolutely know it brought me here.

I am grateful for my whole journey.

Sometimes on Tuesdays I get to talk with my dear sweet friend, Marilyn. She lives in California. We send messages across the miles through our phone calls, letters, notes, packages and, most often, simply through the airwaves. It is wonderful to have a friend with whom you connect so deeply that you don’t need to talk or even see one another in person. 

I am grateful for friendship.

I also got to connect with my nephew through text messages, and my sister left me a voicemail. I spoke with my brother on the phone, and I connected with various others throughout the day in person. A hug here, a kind word there. These “Love taps” are the heart of my daily living. I am energized by connection, heartfelt and generous sharing in mere seconds or minutes. It’s part of being human and, when we let ourselves connect tenderly, being present, it is very fulfilling.

I am grateful for human connection.

in love and present moment awareness,


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