21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 16: Earth Angels, Flow, and My Husband

Dearest Lovers of Life,

Today, I am grateful for peace. I find it everywhere I go if I am present. If I stay tuned to my heart, I feel enormous, bigger-than-my-body peace. 

I made a dedication to go to the gym, and I began my day with dancing. I love going to my Zumba class. I know I’ve said it before, but I just love it! Today, I brought something with me. Recently, my friend Maiko, whom I met at the gym just over a year ago, told me she was going to be moving to Texas. Maiko was one of the first people I met at the gym. When I walked into Zumba class for the first time, she made a space for me and invited me to come forward. She told me how much fun it would be and she let me know about the instructor. It was very sweet, and it was so perfect because when I first joined the gym, I didn’t know a soul. She was a beautiful first soul to meet! She asked me about my book this last week, and I brought her a signed copy. I will remember her and her wonderfully warm welcome as she says good-bye. 


I’m grateful for earth angels who show up and offer a gentle and loving touch on my days. 

The rest of my day flowed exactly in this same way. Earth Angels showing up and sending me messages of love and endless delight. I have et some lovely ladies at the gym… Sunny, Suk, and Kitty, to name a few. Thank you for adding a little more light to my wonderful life. After Zumba, I went to my yoga class to stretch. Kitty always makes me laugh. I’m grateful for all the knowledge she shares during instruction. I always feel like I can apply a new focus to give my body more care and attention.

I’m grateful for flow in yoga and in life!

I went for my walk today and it was just lovely! While I talked with my husband, it became clear that he was in need of a little extra love and compassion, so I silently sent it to him over and over throughout the day, letting my heart be open to shine more light in his life. 

I’m grateful for my husband, his presence in my life, and all he means to me.

with a heart filled with thanksgiving,


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