21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 15: Homework, Housework, and Playtime

Dearest Grateful Hearts,

Sundays are not usually lazy days by any means. However, I love the freedom in the day to play with the time a little differently than during the routines of the weekdays. So, I welcome Sundays even when my daughter has homework. She has a big project she’s working on and it takes some time to gather information. When I’m present, like I am today, I can respond to her call for guidance and her questions with a more loving and compassionate heart. In fact, the more present I am, the more I enjoy it. It can be fun!  I’ve learned a lot about the country she’s studying. Portugal is a beautiful land with rich culture.

I am grateful to be present to my daughter while she asks for guidance. 

At the same time, while I assist with homework, I am doing household care. I’m dusting, sweeping, clearing, preparing for the set up of our Christmas tree and decorations. Listening to some Christmas music gets me singing and feeling good as move from room to room, dancing along the way. It feels good to move, and housecleaning can also be fun.

I am grateful for rooms to clean, preparations to make, and for freedom to move and dance and sing!

Finally, this day culminates with some dinner and afterwards, playing cards at the kitchen table with my little familia. Tonight, we started with a different card game I have called the Un-Game. Everyone picks a card and when it’s your turn, you talk about the topic, question, or idea on your card. It promotes listening, taking turns, really hearing. It also prompts us to talk about subjects that may not always come up in general conversation. sometimes, the reflections are interesting, and we find ourselves having a whole new conversation because of it. I’m curious and I love trying something new as a way to connect with the ones I love.

I am grateful for our table and for the time we spend together around it, playing games and learning to love one another more truly.

with a grateful heart,


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