21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 14: Rainy Days, Laughter, and Being a Mom

What a gorgeous Saturday! It was raining, downpouring. But I so love the rain. I welcome days where I get to slip outside and smell the rain, feel the cool crisp air, and get a little wet.  I was making a batch of homemade began bacon for my husband and son and then left to pick up my younger son from work. When I got outside, my oldest child, my son, Alex, was sitting in his car waiting for the rain to subside a bit before coming inside. I was delighted to see him. what a wonderful surprise! Though he was stopping by for a few minutes, he decided to stay for most of the day, joining us for the vegan BLT sandwiches we were making and then again for dinner. 

I am grateful for surprise visits in the rain from the ones I love.


The day and night were filled with laughter. I enjoy seeing my boys in particular get together and laugh. They headed out for a bit together and it was sweet to see them hang out and hear about  enjoying their time at a local music store. Years ago, the two of them never seemed interested in having their picture taken. Today, however, I took a few shots of them being silly, making faces, and laughing. 

I am grateful for laughter.

I realized that no matter where they are, where they go, or how old they are, I am always, always, always happy to have my children together in one space. I feel a sense of oneness, peace, and overall super-charged calm. I know I have my own way of being, but there is something wonderful about cooking, creating, and making space for the ones I love. Love is remarkable. Being a mother is amazing. I abSOULutely embrace this motherhood journey. 

I am grateful to be a mother!

Peace and momma love,

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