21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 12: Sipping Tea, Braiding Hair, Morning’s by the Fire, and Meditation

Early mornings, before school, I do a few things to make the morning more smooth. At least it feels good to me and, if I’m feeling good, that’s a great way to start everyone’s day! I light candles and sometimes play soft music. This morning, I lit a fire in our fireplace. Then, I spread a blanket on the floor in front. Anyone who wants to sit by the fire and enjoy a little picnic breakfast is welcome. I even enjoy a few minutes sipping some morning tea. 

I am grateful for mornings by the fire and sips of my favorite tea.

My daughter hadn’t come to sit by the fire yet this morning but, soon, after she was dressed, she came downstairs and asked if I could braid her hair and put it up for her. So there we were, sitting by the fire after all. It was meditative to focus on each section of hair folding over the next and the next. I looked at her by the firelight. My little girl is growing up. She’s beautiful. I loved our moment and, for me, it is definitely fuel for my own morning fire. 

I’m grateful to sit with my daughter to braid her hair and share in her space.

There were many special moments during the day, moments where I felt gratitude for sure. However, one moment I savored today was coming home and finding everyone doing their own thing. The house was quiet and the energy was light. I slipped into my bedroom and sat in my favorite chair to meditate. Some time went by and by the end of my meditation, I was drifting off to sleep. When I awoke about 20 minutes later, I felt refreshed. It was delicious. My meditation began with focusing on the wholeness of time, the inner and outer world, the balance between the two. 

I’m grateful for meditation, rejuvenation, and rest.

with warm wishes,

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