21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 11: Surrender, Serendipity, and Sweetness

Dear Amazing Beauty,

There are days or better yet, moments, when gratitude slips through our fingers. We might know we should feel gratitude, but then again it may seem difficult to be authentic about it, to truly tap into it. Those moments then, give way to the next moment of choice, but if we continue to let things go wildly out of control, it may seem challenging to feel good. However, just one thought, one acknowledgement in the direction of feeling better, no matter how seemingly small, is worth so much in terms of momentum.

I felt a surge of all kinds of emotions all at once this morning, but gratitude wasn’t one of them. Because I have practiced being grateful, I found it easier to shift my body, mind, and spirit to the awareness that everything is truly okay. Due to a misprint on my newly ordered checks, I had to go around in person and resubmit checks I’d recently written. One of the places contacted me and said they would be charging a late fee even though I had paid ahead of time for the bill. I decided that, on my way there, I would refocus my attention from the frustration I felt to envisioning what I wanted to happen. I saw myself arriving and speaking from my heart, being true and honest, and then allowing things to unfold. I simply felt that the office secretary would tell me she was happy to waive the fee. I began to surrender and know that I set my intention. Then I smiled genuinely knowing this was not a big deal at all.

The moment I walked into the office, the secretary told me she was sorry they would have to bill me the extra money and then, as if by magic, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “You know what. I’m just going to waive this fee for you.” I almost felt she was puzzled by her own words. It was a little practice in letting go that showed me how the power of surrender can change the outcome.

I am grateful for letting go and allowing people and circumstances to unfold beautifully.

As the day unfolded just like that, I thought I would try it again. I decided that I was going to go with the flow today. I literally opened my hands to receive and said, “Thank you for the sweet surprises I will experience today.” After all my errands, I had moments to get to my yoga class on time. I slowed down, took a breath and saw myself arriving on time. When I entered the building, Kitty, who is my Monday yoga instructor was walking toward the door. She said she had missed me earlier and wondered if I was on vacation. I explained I had some things to take care of today. She said she wanted to give me something. She handed me a clipped paper. In it was a free bundt cake from a new place in our area. I marveled at the serendipity. Just a few days earlier, my husband and I wanted to try this place out, but it was closed. Today, I was being handed another invitation to try again. I didn’t have to speak a word. My daughter and I stopped on our way home from her school. The little cakes were delightful! Thank you, Kitty. The clip she handed me was even more amazing… It read, “Life is filled with wonderful surprises.” Yes, indeed. 

I am grateful for the sweetness of people in my life and the serendipity that brings wonderful surprises into my open arms. 

with sweet surrender and open arms,



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