21 Beautiful Days of Gratitude Day 10: Being a Sister, Service, and the Light

Dear Hearts,

Today’s gratitude comes from my visit to my daughter’s school. I went to see her sing during a Veteran’s Day program. Earlier in the month, the school had asked students to bring in images of relatives who served in any of the branches of the military. My daughter brought a picture of her uncle, my brother.

I still remember when he first joined the Army and I went to see him at his graduation from boot camp. I’ve always been proud of him. He’s experienced the Army lifestyle in ways that I have never seen or known a soldier could. He served at the White House with President Bush, sang the National Anthem for President Obama, and performed in the Presidential Choir as a singer and dancer. Among other things, he graduated from Jump School. Each year, when Veteran’s Day comes around, I often think of him and thank him for bringing such a light to the places that need a healing touch. Most of all, I remember our connection and his good heart and how much I have enjoyed being his big sister.

I’m grateful for my brother, for service men and women, and for the light of loving service in the world.

with light and love,




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